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Just like I've already said in our sourcing post, I thought we could also have a "blog of the week".
I will draw a picture for it and we'll post it each week... (maybe each friday) just with another blog on it, we recommend to visit (or to follow).

I thought, that we all could do suggestions here who should be blog of the week. I mean that's something simple we could do... find a nice blog, write 2 nice sentences about it and post it. We could also queue those posts, and everyone could give us suggestions. We could also ask the people to give us suggestions via forum or via ask.

First I wanted to do this on my own blog, since I guess I'd reach more followers... but I mean we can still reblog it and use our No. 6 blog for this stuff, too.

What do you think about it?

Lol I've just answered you in the other topic.

I agree that with your blog we would reach more followers, but maybe it would be nice if you'd reblog the post from the shared blog. If we want to advertise the shared blog, we might as well make the first post there. And when you reblog it to your blog, you could add a personal message to your followers for example? (if you want). I think if we're going to have all these things on the shared blog, we should always post first on it, otherwise it has less meaning.

I like the idea as a whole but I think it probably would be kinda difficult to do this every week. Because sometime soon we'll gonna run out of blogs (or I'm just a pessimist here ... don't know xD) Maybe it would be better to do this every month?

I wouldn't mind including this into our No.6 blog ^^

Ok, you're right. That might be too much. o.o  There will be a time when we run out of blogs and stuff.

I like Yuneyn's idea, to make a nice post with "Blog of the month, fanart of the month, fanfiction of the month, AVM of the month and maybe also cosplay of the month."

I thought about drawing a banner we could use then... People can submit suggestions, because I think that would also be interactive. (Even though I guess we won't get many suggestions in the beginning...)

We could post it on No. 6 Day. Or rather inbetween two No. 6 days?

Hmm, why not do it at the end of each month? Like some kind of conclusion to the past month.

I have an idea how we could do this using the forum but I'm not sure it would work.

Like have a "suggestion post", where people would just suggest blogs, fics, etc. Then every month, we would randomly pick out like 10 of these, and have a poll post, where people could vote for their favorite. The winners would be the blog/fic/etc of the month.

But of course, that can only work when people actually use the forum...


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