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Re: Abroad Studies
« on: July 30, 2015, 05:20:26 am »
I rather think that letting elite study aboard was possible because NO.6 wanted to keep their pretty facade. If they don't let people out and in on some level they would start to look  suspicious.
Maybe sending elites looked most save. They had hight standard of living from childhood. They were used to treating like kings in NO.6. It was low chance that such people betray or start revolution after their return. (If other cities were really not so advanced as NO.6). They would be like, "Oh we have better in NO.6".
I don't think they would send anyone who they think is not 100% loyal to city.

About airplanes. I think it's more save to get to some places by airplane then for example a car. With car in dangerous world you can get robbed, killed while breaks, run out fuel (I don't think you can find fuel station so easy in destroyed world when we see in beyond people used again horses outside cities).
If weapon is hard to get then shooting down plane would be hard and useless for ones who would like to do that. They wouldn't gain anything. So air transportations seems most save and fast.