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Re: Abroad Studies
« on: July 31, 2015, 07:26:48 am »
@Ghosty yeah you're right it is kind of alarming to just cut off all contact with other cities, as much as it is in 'No. 6's character' haha

@lawlya yeah you're right. i don't remember about the novel but in the anime Safu said she was 'accepted', like it was really hard to get an opportunity to study abroad. she had to go through assassin training I can't take that AC au out of my head ^^" Yeah that would probably be one of the factors they'd be testing before sending people away. But she did realize  so No. 6 failed to analyze properly Safu? I think that what made Safu realize the nature of No. 6 wasn't necessarily the 'going away' part but the returning to a dead grandmother and missing Shion... That would make more sense with that?

@kare_reiko I think they could always say nobody wanted to leave in the first place? I mean the put masks that make people look as if they are smiling on dead people saying that /everyone/ wants to stay is much easier haha but then they would still need to communicate somehow and I can't see them letting students /in/ so might as well send them out lol
Yeah you're right there are less people like Yoming in high levels, so elites would look very good since they won't complain.

(I say a lot of 'yeah you're right' or just 'yeah' whatever)