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Re: Abroad Studies
« on: July 31, 2015, 08:04:09 am »
Yeah, I think you might be right about Safu only realizing something's wrong with No.6 because of Shion's arrest.
When talking about that something that always comes to my mind is her scene with Shion in the forest park. You know, Shion complaining about it being artificial and Safu responding she doesn't mind because it's still beautiful? Same could go with No.6. She didn't mind as much as long as it didn't affect her. She complained about that random control when she went home with Shion but maybe only because it affected her directly in that moment (or rather Shion since they tried to separate them if I recall correctly).
So, yeah. Makes sense. Would explain why No.6 deemed her safe too. They never were quite good at judging people's actions when it comes to emotional matters.