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Hello everyone!!

Any new member is welcome to join the Restructural Committee. Basically this means you will be able to administrate the RC blog, and access the private part of the forum where we discuss blog management, organization of future events, and any new little things we can bring to the No.6 fandom.

Nothing is mandatory of course, we won't be putting pressure on anyone to DO something, but if you feel like helping with the sourcing, the events, the fanworks of the month, other things... and also if you have new ideas for the blog, feel free to join us!!

Just leave a message in this thread and someone will give you the rights for the private forum and blog administration!

Mind if I join?  :o

Of course not. I'll put you into the RC group in a second. :3

I'm interested too if it's alright. ;w;

@Meopat added!

@Meopat & kare_reiko
You two should now have access to the Restructural Committee section of the board. Why don't you hop on over and see what we've been up to? You can start by checking the news thread, if you like. Feel free to comment on any open threads! :3


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