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Hello guys!

The next No. 6 Day is just around the corner, but you have a lack of ideas?
Then, this thread might be helpful for you.

We want to collect ideas and prompts here, but you can also write requests and your own prompts. Maybe there's someone who just waited for your idea? ;)

Remember, we don't want to force anyone. We just want to give you a little assistance.

Well, let's get started.

AU - Alternate Universe
What about Highschool students and teachers Shion and Nezumi, bad-ass businesswomen Safu and Inukashi, Shion and Nezumi working as waiters, library and book store employees, Dr. Shion or used car salesmen Nezumi? There's so much more! Let your imagination run free.

Boys are girls and vice versa.

Shion and Karan, Inukashi, little Shionn + extended family of at least 300 dogs, Shion and Nezumi, Safu and her grandma, and so much more...

Nezumi and Shion, Shion and Safu, Inukashi and Rikiga, Rikiga and Karan - no matter if love or friendship.

What would be really horrible? Rikiga x Shion? Karan x new stepdad Rashi? Maybe that's a topic for you! You can ship whoever you want with whomever you want! :3

Nezumi and Shion's life in West Block, but also before that. Little Nezumi observing little Shion. Little Shion and little Safu meeting each other in Lost Town. Mini Nezumi playing with his little baby sister in the Mao forest, young Karan singing to rock baby Shion to sleep! You can do whatever you want.

Reunion will come!

Crossing Over
What about Nezumi wearing straw hat, blue shorts and a red vest? Shion looking like a magical girl? Safu wearing a Dragon Ball Z fighting dress? Inukashi while catching Pokémon?

Show us for example Nezumi extremely happy, very, very angy Shion or sad Inukashi!

Rico, Kalan and Lili playing together, Shion reading to West Block Kids, Karan having a children's day in her bakery, or you could draw or write about our heros when they were still little brats! ;3

You love Karan? You love Nezumi and Shion in aprons serving coffee and cake? Show us your love!

Come on, guys! Domestic NezuShi is the best! But I guess domestic Safu, Karan and Inukashi are also great. What do you think?

So! What are your ideas? :3

I'm sorry but what exactly do we do with this list? Like, do we add to it, choose one, talk about things we could do for each thing...?

It's a collection of ideas for No. 6 day, for us, for people on tumblr (we'll post the link when we advertise the No. 6 Day... since the casual No. 6 Days don't have a special topic. If there are some people who want to do something, but don't have any ideas, they can check out this thread for inspiration.

Like I've written in the first post:

--- Quote ---We want to collect ideas and prompts here, but you can also write requests and your own prompts. Maybe there's someone who just waited for your idea?
--- End quote ---

For example... we have a person. And this person wants to see Nezumi hunting a big black pig in a forest, so the person can write in in here. Maybe there's another person who likes the idea and wants to draw it or write about it. (For No. 6 Day, or whenever they want to...)

Maybe we need to clarify it more... when it's not intelligible to all... o.o

Are all of these going to be in a one No. 6 day? Because it seems like a lot of things, it would be kinda hard to cover all of these in just one No. 6 day...

From what I understand, No.6 Days won't have a specific theme. Anyone could do whatever they want, but some people have a hard time finding new ideas... so the prompt post will be here to help and maybe inspire people.
Is that it?


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