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I'm really awful with forums (which is why I was never active around here) and I have a feeling I'm posting this in the wrong place or something because I have no ideas how forums work. Also, I wasn't around as much recently, so I kinda missed the drama. I don't know what happened so I feel pretty disoriented and even more so now that everything is happening in this forum. I read about something that sounded like a shared No.6 blog I think in the 'blog of the week' thread? And on tumblr someone said the fandom is dying? But yuneyn said I shouldn't worry? (I'm using a network that blocks tumblr right now so I can't answer for the next few hours). My point is I'm very confused so what I'm about to say might be irrelevant.

So, I had some ideas for the fandom, and again this might be out of my place to suggest these things (but you guys are nice so I'm not too scared about it).

I tried to think of ways in which I could contribute to advertising the fandom and I figured visual means would be the best to grab people's attention, problem is I can't draw. At all. That made me think about an idea I had long ago about opening a 'text messages from No.6' sort of blog. I gave up on the idea because as you figured or already know, I have zero confidence and thought that the fandom will reject this sort of shallow, ooc jokes. (I don't think ooc joke are bad, I'm just saying this fandom gives me the feeling that they'll be rejected) I'm still not sure about creating such blog, but if you guys think it's a good idea, maybe I'll do it. I might need some help running it, though.

My second idea has nothing to do with advertising the fandom, but I still think it's important. The No.6 wikia. Do any of you know what's up with that? Because it seems pretty dead, and only about the anime. I don't know if there's anyone around to tell us we can't take over it, but anyway I like the idea of starting fresh the best. I think that having an organized wikia about the manga, novel, and anime would be really great for the fandom. That's going to be a huge project, and it's going to require lots of work. I'd be happy to lead it, unless some one else really wants to have this project for themselves or think I can't do it or something. To be honest I don't know much about building a wikia, but I can learn. Also, I'm not a native English speaker so I might not be as good at writing these things.
I'm gonna need help. Lots of it. That is, if you guys think it's a good idea to do this in first place.

Hi :) First of all: I have to agree with Yuneyn. You shouldn't really worry about missing all the drama in the fandom. Basically, it ended with Elanra and Thesexymaid leaving and I think your dash or their blogs will probably tell you the rest of the story ^^"

Uhm ... About your first blog idea ... Didn't quite grasp it, really xD Could you elaborate a bit? Like, what kind of post would it make?

But I totally agree with the Wikia for No.6. It's horrible, really xD And yeah, it'd be a whole lot of work. You read right about the shared blog and I'd say the forum community here is probably busy enough with planning and working out the introduction of it and dealing with organizing it but I'm sure once everything calmed down, it would be a good idea to create a new Wikia from the scratch. It would be wonderful to have one for the novels, manga and anime. And this way, maybe more people would find the manga and the novels on their own and get involved into the fandom for a bit longer ^^
Though I don't know anything about creating Wikias too ...
And don't worry - I have faith in you!

Hi Aoyokai :3

Thanks your joining and sharing your ideas. They are always appreciated.
Well, first about what happened on Tumblr: To cut a long story short... there was an immense misunderstanding. We thought it was an "Old vs. new fandom ranting" post, something like: "Back then was everything better, all good people are gone." It made a lot of people sad. They felt bad because they thought they aren't good enough, just like Yuneyn and me. That's why we tried to clarify the issue, but it failed. Even though we apologized and clarified everything again they left, saying it was the final straw. That's it. We just disagreed. But of course we never wanted to insult someone.

You don't need to worry, the fandom isn't dying. There are still people left. It's not the biggest fandom, but we'll try our best to grow together. And we would be glad when you want to help us.

At the moment we start to build a shared blog. It's a pure No. 6 blog. We want to post fanarts (with permission of course), source art there, reblog No. 6 fanarts, fanfictions etc... And we want to invite people to come here to work together...
We plan on a monthly casual No. 6 day (the 6th of every month, but without special topics, just a day dedicated to No. 6), some special events 2-3 time each year, like Shion's Birthday, Holy Day (Christmas) and so one... and also a "Fanworks of the month" rubric, where people can send us suggestions and then we'll post our recommendations at the end of each month.
If you want to help us and join our shared blog, just let me know and I'll send you an invitation. ^^

Your ideas sound nice. Could you give us an example? I don't really know what you mean with "'text messages from No.6'"... :3

The other idea sounds like a mammut project. But when you want to do it... feel free to use this forum to plan on it and to find people who can help you. (I would help you, too, but I'm not sure if I can do that much... since I'll draw No. 6 art for my own blog and also take care of our shared blog... the monthly I'm not sure yet if I'll have that much time. But when you do this... maybe there's a possibility to connect it to our shared blog... so when you write entries about the novels and so one, that we also post it there, to fill the blog with interesting, No. 6 related posts. I also don't know anything about wikis... ^^ So I guess I won't be a big help.

Btw... Most of us aren't native speakers, so don't worry about it. ^^

That's too bad :( It's probably for the best I wasn't aware of it until it was over though... I would get really panicked.

I really like this fandom, I hope more people would join... and I'd be happy to do what I can in the blog, although I don't think that would be much...

Well I see these 'text messages' in about every fandom, and for a while I saw it in the No.6 fandom too, but they all left. These are just short, silly, conversations between characters that are shown in iphone text messages format. That makes no sense with the No.6 storyline because people from the West Block obviously wouldn't have iphones, but these conversations are already pretty ooc so it doesn't matter. Example for a text post I saw when I just joined the fandom (that blog is dead now): dead Safu sending Nezumi messages that she'll haunt him if he won't go back to Shion that moment.
These posts aren't smart or deep, but I think the fandom needs a little pointless humor. In general I think this fandom is not very friendly to fans who only like No.6 because they watched the anime for the shounen-ai of it. Yes I know not everyone consider No.6 as a shounen-ai, but this fandom can be really scary for people that like No.6 in a more... flat(?) way. A 'lighter' approach can be good for this fandom.

Well at least no one wants to kick me off this project because they know wikia better than me ^^" In that case I will just try to work on that on my free time for now. Until I come up with a plan for this wikia thing, I'll just stay as active as possible in other things. Maybe when I finish planning this I could ask for help on the shared blog? It looks like a good place to find people that can help.

Hello Aoyokai! Great to see you around~

I had prepared a reply but then you responded before I posted it, haha. Anyway, to revive the text from No. 6 thing would be pretty neat, even if it's ooc. I mean, that's kind of the point of those texts anyway, and you're right, some lighthearted fun is nice, especially with canon being pretty dark too. Would you just use texts from Texts from last night, or also those text conversations people make up themselves? Or maybe a combination of both? That would be kinda fun.

Reviving the No. 6 wikia or starting a new one is pretty great, really! Good information about No. 6 in one place is hard to find and would definitely help new people to find their way around, especially if you include more things than just the anime. It's a big job, but it helps wikis are forever works in progress, so there's no rush to complete it before some deadline, and multiple people could be working on it. I know a bit about wikis (not terribly experienced, but I set up a couple for my own projects), dunno if I could help if you decide to go through with it? Definitely on board, though.


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