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Well, what could we do about it? Any ideas? :3
I thought that we could build a special force... it's definitely not something one person can do all alone.

I think you're right - it's definitely not something one person alone should or could do. Unfortunately I severely lack any ideas ^^"

Unfortunately, I'm rarely in the tags as it is. I just barely have the time to browse them (the sourcing isn't even the problem most of the time). So, I don't know but is it possible to create a blog on tumblr with several people posting on it (like, everyone who wants to source now and then)? This way we could share the task to source art effectively since you could see what was already sourced by 'your' blog.

I found the idea good to ask the people to take down the art if the artist forbids the reproduction and sourcing art via reblogging as a link - hindering people to just keep on reblogging with the source added and encouraging the people who post those.

I already try to ask artists whether or not I'm allowed to repost their art on tumblr. I already reblogged some guidelines from a user how to write a message to japanese artists with a formal letter you can just reblog and add some minor changes (like names and such). Maybe we should spread them again?

I'm glad that you chose to do this via the forum, really. Though we're probably few people here than on tumblr, maybe it's reaching more people nevertheless.

@Lawlya: That's a good idea. We should have a shared blog. Even if we start with just a few of us... it's still better than nothing. Maybe we can find some more people who want to join then...
Or ask if people wanna help from time to time.

Everyone should keep an eye on it... maybe we won't be able to find everything, but when we at least do something against it, it's just fine.

What about calling the blog: No6fanworkforce or something? XD Any suggestions?

Oh, when you have guidlines, please post them here... I think it's better to operate here.
You can also start a new topic... Guidlines and premade text sources we just need to copy then.

I think it should be simple and maybe even always the same one, saying: "You should delete this post immediately. Blabla" Whatever...

And if some people could ask for permission when we find new fanarts would be nice, too. Maybe there are 1-2 people who want to do this job.

@Ahiku: Wow, thanks xD To be honest - I don't even know how shared blogs on tumblr work ... Like, do you have to invite somebody to be an admin or does he just need a password or ...? Do you know?
And yeah, even if we're just a few; something's getting done and it's not just one person shouldering all the work.

That's my opinion too. It's too much of a matter to expect to stop unsourced art all together but so long as the artists are credited even if it's not the original poster who does it, it's better than doing nothing.

God, I suck at names >.> Don't ask me; I'm fine with anything, really xD

Yeah, probably ... Adding the source shouldn't be much of a problem either but I'm not sure if the original posters on tumblr like it to be posted again. After all they either translated it themselves or asked friends.
Wait, if I open up a new topic, should I do it here in the Conference Room?

That would be a good idea. It would make the matter easier; you'd just have to add the sources manually and copy and paste the rest.

Preferably some that know Japanese or Chinese? Or someone who is confident enough in their talent with Google Translate xD

Ah, that's easy... one of us can just create a new blog... and then you can invite other people. You can give them administration rights, too. But I guess for most people it would be enough when they can write posts for that blog. (And then we should also reblog it there, if it's already on tumblr...)

Yes, just create a new topic here. I'll make it sticky.

--- Quote ---Adding the source shouldn't be much of a problem either but I'm not sure if the original posters on tumblr like it to be posted again.
--- End quote ---

Maybe we could find an easy way out and say that we won't accept posting art without asking in general. Just to keep it as simple and easy as possible. I'd would be a hassle when you have to research everything, to find out if the artist is ok with it or not. If we see unsourced art it's not ok. To be honest I would just demand to delete it and post the source of art, no matter if it's a pixiv or tumblr artist. Because it doesn't matter. And I think it's futile to do a big research to find the original post and tell them that they should reblog it directly from the tumblr artist. I mean they won't do it anyway... <,< But if the artist is on Tumblr... maybe we could message the artist and tell them he should contact the support. We can also have a text source for this where we just need to add the links. Fanmail should do it... something line: "Hello! Someone reblogged your fanart. Here's the link... We recommend you to contact"


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