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Weisel's No.6 DVD commentary transcriptions

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I just got my No.6 DVDs back from my sister today, so I'm transcribing the commentary so that everyone can enjoy it! I'll be posting the episodes here as I get to them.

Here's the audio for the commentary. I'll be uploading new episodes periodically.

Episode 1:
Episode 2:
Episode 3:
Episode 4:
Episode 5:
Episode 6:
Episode 7:
Episode 8:
Episode 9:
Episode 10:
Episode 11:

Episode 1, part 1:

(Sorry for any errors! I change a few minor things like spelling/grammar errors I found along the way and changed "Rat" to "Nezumi" for our sanity. I also added key events in the anime where it's hard to tell by the commentary alone what they are talking about.)

YK: Hello, everyone! Good afternoon, good evening and good morning! I’m Shion’s voice actor, Yuki Kaji.

YH: Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening! I’m Yoshimasa Hosoya, Nezumi’s voice actor.

YK: Yep.

YH: Right.

YK: Well, we’re already out of sync with the tension of the scene playing.

YH: Yes, we are!

YK: But this is a commentary!

YH: Exactly!

YK: I hope you enjoy hearing what we’ve got to say. This is the audio commentary for No. 6 DVD/BD Volume 1.

YH: Right.

YK: So, we actually have certain themes we’re going to discuss.

YH: Right, right, right.

YK: There are two of them. We’ll passionately discuss the episode, specific scenes, and characters. So we’ll have fun chatting about No. 6 while watching the episode.

YH: Sounds good!

YK: Yeah! And also… we’re going to discuss our feelings about the show.

YH: I see.

YK: That’s what this program is going to feature.

YH: Wonderful!

YK: I’m not sure if “program” is quite the right word for it…

YH: Isn’t this great?

YK: Yeah. We’ve got something kind of like a script.

YH: Right.

YK: So we’ll be glancing at that and using it as a guide.

YH: Right.

YK: Jeez, how many times have we seen this?

YH: I’m starting to wear it out.

YK: We’ve watched it a lot.

YH: It’s wearing out? But this didn’t get a VHS release!

YK: Yeah, it isn’t a VHS, is it?

YH: But you get what I mean.

YK: So, the episode started with a pretty serious scene starring Nezumi.

YH: Right, right. It starts with a chase scene.

YK: That’s the opening scene.

YH: Yeah…

YK: And then Safu and Shion are at school studying.

YH: Right, right.

YK: Although I’m not sure you could say Shion is studying.

YH: Seriously!

YK: Well, I’ve got a bit of trivia for this scene.

YH: Right, right, right.

YK: Shion is gazing out of the classroom daydreaming. Here you can see Shion floating in the sky. This fantasy-like scene wasn’t originally in the script. Director Nagasaki added it in the storyboard. It was a Nagasaki idea. But the first time I saw this was when I was recording as Shion for the first trailer.

YH: I remember that.

YK: It was then. The song really matched it well. I felt it matched the world of No. 6.

YH: I can see that.

YK: The sound matched.

YH: It did a good job creating a sense of foreboding.

YK: It was really abstract… It’s like Shion put all of his attention into one thing and couldn’t think about anything else. Doesn’t that seem about right?

YH: Uh-huh, yeah…

YK: I felt that it did an excellent job of portraying how we are going to see more of that character trait.

YH: Kaji, were you the type of child in elementary school that would daydream during study time?

YK: No, I was a real poop!

YH: I doubt that! I don’t believe you…

YK: I acted like a good kid.

YH: Oh, I see. You were the studious type.

YK: I actually studied.

YH: So you’d study…

YK: Hosoya, how about you?

YH: Me? Right before summer break in the first grade,

YK: Uh-huh…

YH: my teacher told me, “Hosoya, I don’t know where you’re looking during class. I’m worried about you.”

YK: There’re kids who are like that!

YH: I know…

YK: I think a lot of people are like that, especially in elementary school.

YH: They lack determination.

YK: Yeah…

YH: I often stared at the ceiling, believe it or not.

YK: That’s kinda scary!

YH: Kinda!

YK: It’s not like you could see things you shouldn’t, right?

YH: Probably not.

YK: You just liked fortune telling, right?

YH: R-Right. But I just recently got into fortune telling.

YK: Well, here’s the opening. Lama sang this theme…

YH: Right. It’s cool how…

YK: …song.

YH: …they show the two extremes. There’s Shion’s life and then Nezumi appears and we see his life. Then their lives intertwine.

YK: The story starts when they are twelve. The tones and the pictures or composition here are kinda cool.

YH: Aren’t they? That looked kinda like a honeycomb. It’s like they flew through a honeycomb.

YK: Then there’s these droplets. Is the stuff on their skin supposed to represent their lives…

YH: …up until now?

YK: Maybe What could it be? It makes me wonder what awaits them next. Is that what the image meant? And here at the end, they’ve matured.

YH: This gives me goose bumps every time I see it!

YK: Doesn’t it?

YH: I love when they face each other here…

YK: And… Tada!

YH: Yeah, yeah, seriously!

YK: So we’re in the other side of the rainbow.

YH: Right, right! Isn’t that cool?

YK: Isn’t it? About No. 6’s logo. It resembles an eye.

YH: It’s like an eye?

YK: It’s like the eye of a cow, a spider, or a bee.

YH: Like a cow’s eye… Right.

YK: When they announced that No. 6 was going to be made into an anime, they also opened the official site at about the same time.

YH: Right, right, right.

YK: You could download a free wallpaper then.

YH: Eh?! Really?

YK: You could change the hues to your liking. I downloaded that and set it as my desktop background that very day.

YH: Wow!

YK: I hadn’t even auditioned for the show yet, but I really liked it.

YH: Oh, that’s right! You had already read the original novels.

YK: I’d read them. Isn’t Safu here adorable? [on the ferry]

YH: She’s cute!

YK: She went, “Ehe he he!”

YH: “Ehe he he!”

YK: She was being honest to her feelings.

YH: Yeah, uh-huh.

YK: And the way she swung her legs around… My, my… Doesn’t that little chime come up a lot? [in reference to the chime after Shion and Safu exit the ferry and enter the station]

YH: Yeah, it does. That’s because they’re under watch.

YK: Right. It really gives the feeling that this is No. 6. The horn that went off toward the beginning of the scene was from a water-bus.

YH: Yeah, yeah, uh-huh.

YK: We’re in a different scene now, but supposedly that is the main form of transportation in No. 6.

YH: Isn’t it peaceful here?

YK: Although it has a progressive feeling about it, the model for the setting is actually Amsterdam!

YH: Where was Amsterdam again?

YK: Germany? Where is it? Is it in Germany?

YH: Germany?

YK: Huh?

YH I never really hear much about Amsterdam.

YK: No, it’s in Holland! Holland!

YH: I never paid much attention to it.

YK: It just hit me. It’s in Holland. It’s Holland.

YH: Holland?

YK: Holland.

YH: Holland…

YK: It has tulips and fields with windmills.

YH: Oh, okay! I got it now.

YK: Uh-huh. That’s what inspired this town. It’s called the Capital on the Water.

YH: Aren’t the names used here unique? Like Shion and Safu?

YK: Right! The names are unique.

YH: Yeah.

YK: Yeah and upcoming names like Dogkeeper match their jobs.

YH: It matches their descriptions.

YK: There’s Yoming, Lili, and Karan. We’ll get to see a lot of unique characters. Jeez, Safu. That may have been really important to Safu, [the birthday sweater]

YH: I know, I know!

YK: but Shion is like, “That’s what I said, huh?” That’s so him.

YH: It’s cute.

YK: He didn’t mean to be hurtful.

YH: He-- He’s a good guy.

YK: I’m sure he said what he felt at the time.

YH: In the cut where the two were standing next to each other, it felt realistic the way Safu looked slightly taller than him.

YK: It’s showing how girls mature a little quicker than guys. Shion’s rosy cheeked. [after blowing out the candles]

YH: Shion is so adorable in this scene!

YK: Isn’t he? Twelve years old, eh? Wouldn’t he be in the sixth grade?

YH: What did you do then?

YK: I was an elementary schooler! I think most people are.

YH: Good point, good point.

YK: I remember when I was first told to voice a twelve year old. I had already read the novels.

YH: Right, right.

YK: So I had figured that there would be scenes from when he was twelve. Originally I thought they’d have different voice actors play those roles. But ultimately, we did the voices for Episode 1.

YH: Right.

YK: We wound up voice acting for their younger versions. Any thoughts on it?

YH: I-- Well, the main thing I remember…

YK: Yes?

YH: …was when I visited the recording studio for the very first time. Child-version Shion and Nezumi were on the screen.

YK: Right, uh-huh.

YH: But when we auditioned, the picture of them was fairly large. So when I heard they were twelve, I was at a real loss. I remember asking you, “What should I do?”

YK: Yeah, I wasn’t sure what to do.

YH: I know, right?

YK: Well, to a certain degree, there wasn’t much difference from when they’re older.

YH: Yeah, uh-huh.

YK: But since they’re twelve years old, it’s not like they’re super young.

YH: Right.

YK: When I think back on when I was in the sixth grade, I don’t think I talked too candidly or childlike. I focused on the acting, trying to not make it sound forced.

YH: Right.

YK: This scene is pretty memorable. [when Shion leaves Safu’s house]

YH: Isn’t it?

YK: Safu gave him a little kiss and then the umbrella got blown away.

YH: Yeah, uh-huh.

YK: And didn’t Shion’s reaction match his personality perfectly?

YH: He wanted to know why she did the same thing as his mother.

YK: Right, exactly. According to what I’ve heard…

YH: Okay, uh-huh.

YK: In a later episode, we get to see another maternal-like kiss.

YH: Right, right, right.

YK: I asked the director right quick what role kisses play or represent for Shion and the series No. 6 as a whole. If the director participates in one of our audio commentaries, I’d like him to share his explanation.

YH: Yeah, I’d love to hear about it!

YK: And this is the Moon Drop.

YH: There it is.

YK: It isn’t a bar!

YH: Right, right, right! When I first heard its name, I thought it sounded like a bar.

YK: Uh-huh. And then there’s how it cries. You know, it’s kinda strange to think that a building can cry. I was curious what animal made that noise. My trivia here says that whales were integrated into the sound. I guess it has a lot of different animals in it.

YH: So why does it cry?

YK: Yeah. That’s part of the mystery. This is only eleven episodes long, so I wonder if they’ll squeeze everything in.

YH: I can’t help but wonder.

YK: I’d like everyone to think about what could be making that noise as you watch the show. Now you can hear it.

YH: This is it!

YK: Amazing!

YH: That’s the cry.

YK: The water droplets on the window are impressive!

YH: It’s amazing!

YK: It’s wonderful. And this is the scene where Shion screams out.

YH: Here he goes. Yeah…

YK: And he runs out of breath.

YH: Yeah, he does. He did right there, right? It’s where the “Aah!” went weak.

YK: That’s the spot. He screamed until he ran out of breath.

YH: I like how he screamed until he ran out of breath.

YK: Mima said,

YH: It looked like it felt good.

YK: “Kaji, you looked like you really enjoyed yourself. It was great.” During the rehearsal, I screamed with my mouth wide open facing the sky, just like in the show. I put all of my energy into screaming, “Ah!”

YH: You were facing up then too, weren’t you?

YK: We were really in sync.

YH: Yeah.

YK: And now for Shion and Nezumi’s first encounter. This started everything! Everything starts with this.

YH: Right. Everything starts here.

YK: It got the ball rolling. If Shion hadn’t opened the window…

YH: None of this would have happened.

YK: Nope. And if the storm hadn’t come, none of this would have happened.

YH: Yeah, it wouldn’t have.

[Don’t move.]

YK: What a powerful line!

Episode 1, part 2:

YH: Yeah!

YK: Now we’re entering Part 2.

YH: Yes, we are.

YK: The rest of the episode, like 95% of it, is a dialogue between Shion and Nezumi.

YH: That’s right.

YK: But Karan will get a few lines.

YH: She talks a little.

YK: Right.

YH: Phew! Isn’t this amazing? Someone suddenly lunged out at him.

YK: I know!

YH: I can’t believe he said, “I have experience with these situations.”

YK: Seriously! Shion’s being his typical self. He sounds pained when he talks here [with Nezumi’s hand on his throat], but then his mother calls him. Originally I considered making him sound pained here, but well, Nezumi’s a smart guy. So I bet Nezumi loosened his grip a bit so Shion’s mom wouldn’t catch on,

YH: That makes sense.

YK: while keeping it clear that he could strangle Shion at any second. That’s why Shion was able to talk like normal. He’s clever.

YH: He sure is!

YK: No wonder he’s crucial in storyboarding. Even though this is a high-tech world, there are aspects about it that we can relate to.

YH: Exactly! It doesn’t feel far out.

YK: Right, right. That’s exactly why you can identify with the characters. There are certain aspects that should make you question modern-day society. I believe that Asano, the writer for the original novels, said as much in one of her afterwords. It would be great if the anime was able to express that as well. [in Shion’s room by shelves] Ah, check that out.

YH: Look at all those trophies! It’s nuts, sheesh! It’s because he’s gifted. He’s too gifted.

YK: I love when you went “Ah!” Nezumi was like “Ah! That hurt! Ah!”

YH: Right, right.

YK: I love how you went “Ah!” instead of “Ugh!”

YH: Uh-huh, uh-huh…

YK: Yeah… The mood in this scene is unique. Mima mentioned this as well, but there really wasn’t much BGM. He wanted to show the chemistry between these two characters, so he didn’t add much music here. Isn’t it amazing? This is almost entirely composed of their conversation.

YH: Right.

YK: It’s just their discussion.

YH: Wow… It doesn’t feel like anything’s lacking, does it?

YK: You just got to love full conversations like these. It makes me want to sit and watch it.

YH: Same here.

YK: I never get bored of it!

YH: It’s really good.

YK: Shion’s quirkiness and attitude are really portrayed well. Shion is truly a mysterious child. He’s like--

YH: He’s the most unique character in the show.

YK: And naturally, Nezumi is drawn to him. Likewise, Shion is absolutely fascinated by someone unlike anyone he’s ever known in No. 6, Chronos.

YH: Uh-huh…

[Shion asks about Nezumi’s bullet wound]

YH: Here! That line! It’s like “Not in THE No. 6! I thought guns were restricted to Hunting Club members.”

YK: Right. They’re “restricted,” huh? Well, the same can be said of modern Japan.

YH: True enough.

YK: Shion learns more and more about the shocking reality he never knew.

YH: Right, right…

YK: So, their first encounter was in the middle of a storm.

YH: Right.

YK: This storm is supposed to be a natural phenomenon representing No. 6.

YH: Right.

YK: It’s portrayed as one of the motifs of the story. This! I can’t believe Nezumi is putting on Safu’s sweater. I don’t know. Shion’s the one who told him to put it on. When he said Nezumi could put on some clothes he had laying around, either he didn’t expect him to put on Safu’s sweater or…

YH: Or…

YK: …that was his original intent.

YH: If that’s true, then--

YK: I’d feel bad for Shion! Don’t you feel bad for Safu?

YH: Shion’s urge to help someone in need right before his eyes owtweighed his sentimental feelings.

YK: He has a sweater so it’s there to wear. But still!

YH: Regardless!

YK: I wish he’d appreciate the thought that went into that girl’s present.

YH: Right, right, right.

YK: And here we have another memorable scene. We’ll be seeing some stew and cherry cake soon. That and even this cocoa looks really good. It’s coming up… Almost there… Nezumi’s line’s coming up…

YH: It’s after this.

YK: Uh-huh… After he says, “I don’t know.”

[Nezumi says “Thank you.”]

YH: Phew… The director called cut after I said that line. That’s when you told me that it made you happy when Nezumi told Shion, “Thank you.”

YK: Yeah!

YH: I remember that really well. It made me happy.

YK: It was like, well, I know that you were telling that to Shion, so it was just a matter of getting to hear you say that line. Even though he’s still young, he’s spent his life in the West District, not the Lost Town. Actually he wasn’t even in the West District since he’s been locked up. I seriously doubt that Nezumi has ever given such a heartfelt thank you before. Even if he’s outright used the words “thank you” before, I don’t think he’s ever said it from the heart, you know?

YH: Probably not. He doesn’t seem like the type.

YK: Right? The DVDs and BDs for episode 1 are already on sale and several episodes have already aired. I think a bunch have already aired. So, what was my point? Shion seemed… to have really made Nezumi happy when he said that.

YH: Right, right, right.

YK: He put all of his soul into saying that.

YH: He did.

YK: It feels like we just recorded it the other day.

YH: I know, doesn’t it?

YK: That scene really let me feel just how important that was to Nezumi. He smiled after Shion said all that stuff without thinking. There is a scene later where Nezumi tells him to never say that again and Shion swears he won’t.

YH: I remember that.

YK: Shion realizes that Nezumi has been bottling his emotions deep within his heart and has spent his days as a lone wolf. It makes Shion a little nervous when he realizes how much Nezumi cares for him.

YH: I see, I see.

YK: He is really interested in Nezumi, and he thinks that Nezumi cares for him. But he doesn’t know how important he is to Nezumi.

YH: Ah, I get what you mean.

YK: I think that was the first time he catches a glimpse of how Nezumi feels. I could really empathize with Shion. Not that this really applies to episode 1!

YH: Sure doesn’t!

YK: I kinda jumped ahead.

YH: It’s okay, it’d okay. I get what you were saying.

YK: This show brings out so many emotions.

YH: Yeah, it does. It really does. I originally thought that Nezumi changes as the story progresses, but during the recording yesterday, during the scene with you and Sumire I realized that Nezumi isn’t changing, he’s just loosening up.

YK: He originally had those emotions inside him.

YH: He was originally this type of person.

YK: He isn’t coldhearted. Both of them have unique eyes. Apparently they developed a special new way to draw for Nezumi’s eyes. Original Character Designer toi8 and Overall Character Designer Satoshi Ishino

YH: Uh-huh.

YK: came up with the drawing method.

YH: Uh-huh. Eh?!

YK: It’s some special technique. But the eyes really are mystifying.

YH: They seem mystifying. Definitely.

YK: Those eyes kinda draw you in.

YH: It’s like they pull you in.

YK: Don’t they? [Nezumi lies down on the bed] And thus Nezumi starts to act a little moody. Shion is struck speechless when Nezumi hits him with the reality of the situation.

YH: He’s a smart boy, isn’t he?

YK: Uh-huh…

YH: That’s our Shion.

YK: Here it comes!

YH: Here it comes!

[Nezumi is teasing Shion]

YH: Oh, jeez. That was a tough scene!

YK: It’s a very childlike scene. [Nezumi imitates Shion’s scream] That scream!

YH: Oh, that scream!

YK: Supposedly Mima liked this scene, too.

YH: Really? I feel honored.

YK: His movements here are impressive. [Nezumi pinning down Shion]

YH: I was amazed! He’s like, “Shwoosh! Bang, bang!”

YK: He’s formidable!

YH: Right, right, right!

YK: No one could ever catch him. And then he says, “You’d already be dead.” And Shion’s reaction doesn’t betray your expectations. Despite the position he’s in, he’s curious how it happened.

YH: Isn’t he incredible? He’s so weird.

YK: He’s a ball of curiosity. Nezumi can’t help but laugh.

YH: It’d make anyone laugh.

YK: Normally he doesn’t laugh like this. Nezumi had never really laughed before. It’s nice how they’re acting like normal boys… Shion’s curiosity bounces from one thing to the next.

YH: In this scene, he checks Nezumi’s temperature with his forehead. He’s so curious.

YK: That’s how he was taught to check temperatures, since it’s the most accurate way.

[Nezumi says the “living humans are warm” line]

YK: That’s deep!

YH: He feels truly relieved here.

YK: That was a deep line. [scene changes to morning] And now it’s bright out!

YH: Yeah, it is!

YK: I used to wonder why it was so bright.

YH: It’s because the typhoon is gone.

YK: Yeah! The storm has truly passed. And amidst the silence…

YH: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

YK: …a lot transpires.

YH: Indeed.

YK: Nezumi is gone.

YH: Right, right. The clear sky is actually rather frightening.

YK: I wonder what was running through Shion’s head that morning.

YH: This “shwish, shwish, shwish” song!

YK: It pops out each time I watch it.

YH: There’s the cocoa!

YK: The cups have cocoa stains.

[cut to end credits]

YH: Wasn’t that done nicely?

YK: Cocoa stains…

YH: Phew!

YK: My, that went by fast!

YH: I swear, it did!

YK: We talked the whole time, didn’t we?

YH: We never ran out of things to discuss.

YK: These closing credits make me so happy.

YH: Yeah, they really make me happy.

YK: Aimer performed this song, “Rokutousei no Yoru.” It’s too good!

YH: It’s too good of a song.

YK: Honestly, the first time I heard it…

YH: It was during an interview, wasn’t it?

YK: It was during an on-the-spot interview with reporters. Mima was goofing off and turned the song on. Was it after episode 1?

YH: Episode 1 was over.

YK: So it was episode 2?

YH: Was it?

YK: I guess!

YH: Is that right?

YK: After the episode was over, he played the song. It was such a good song that I felt like we were seeing the final episode.

YH: Right, exactly! It felt like the last episode.

YK: It practically made me cry the first time I heard it. So, the title is “Rokutousei no Yoru.” The darkest stars you can see with the naked eye are called “Rokutousei.” The brightest stars are called “Ittousei.” “Rokutousei no Yoru”… That’s kinda sad!

YH: What’s with that?!

YK: It’s depressing!

YH: Yikes! What gives?

YK: It means the night sky with the darkest stars.

YH: That’s nuts!

YK: The darkest stars…

YH: What’s with that name?

YK: When they were deciding on an ending theme, the directors agreed on this song after listening to it once. It’s too perfect.

YH: That’s amazing!

YK: You could say those stars light the way through the darkness. It’s nice how this depicts the changing of seasons.

YH: The changing seasons…

YK: It makes you wonder what awaits them next. That really went by fast!

YH: Didn’t it?

[preview for next episode]

YK: Oh, look!

YH: Here’s the preview!

YK: It’s predicting what will happen in episode 2. They’ve grown bigger.

YH: They’ve grown up.

YK: Well, episode 1 had a lot of intriguing occurrences, but we get even more in episode 2! They’re growing up.

YH: They’ve matured.

YK: Shion and Nezumi will get reunited. And that will lead to episode 3!

YH: Right.

YK: Well, altogether there are eleven episodes. There’s no time to waste.

YH: There isn’t.

YK: Each episode is serious and important. As such, I hope that you will continue to watch No.6!

YH: Please do!

YK: Let’s meet up again in episode 2!

YH: Yeah!

YK: Bye-bye!

YH: Bye-bye!

Wah, thanks so much for your effort, Weisel! *-* OMG! Kaji is talking so much, lol. XD Hosoya is like a shy little girl and mostly agreeing. ^^° But it's nice, there's a lot of trivia. *-* (Haha, Kaji...we also thought it would be better to give Nezumini and Minishion younger voices. <.< Especially Nezumi. He's 12, not 30.) But at least Kaji understands that Shion isn't appreciating Safu's sweater. ^^° Ahhhh! Too much information, too early in the morning. @.@


Oh man I love it!
I'm personally happy that the names are unusual to the voice actors too, I was wondering if that was just me, haha.
And Kaji really is a fan of No. 6 that's so great! (I mean it's obvious from some of the drama CDs and manga extras too, but he really knows his stuff here, haha) YES KAJI SHION SHOULD FEEL BAD FOR SAFU ABOUT THE SWEATER.
I love how Hosoya's main input is basically agreeing and just saying how cute/unique etc Shion is, pff.

And a special drawing technique for Nezumi's eyes. OF COURSE.

(I am so proud of Kaji for remembering my country and not keeping it to Germany, haha. Though water-bus as the main transport in No. 6? Did they even have enough water? Huh. I should probably rewatch...)


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