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I was just talking to a cosplay buddy about the toi8 No.6 art book. I managed to get my hands on a copy a couple years ago at a convention for a good price, but now the series is old enough and small enough that there doesn't seem to be merch at cons anymore. We're probably stuck buying everything online now.

I figured I'd ask everyone on here if they know where to buy a copy of the toi8 No.6 art book. And then I thought, "I bet other people are wondering similar things..." So now here's a whole thread for it, because someone on here just might have that little nugget of information.

ah, I got mine off of .. if I'm not mistaken, I think itself does overseas shipping, but for the toi8 artbook, you'd have to buy it used from other sellers and I don't know if they would ship internationally... ^^;

I also saw it on, but it's gone now. o.o

Thanks so much! I sent the link to my friend, and hopefully it'll work for her. Won't know until we try!


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