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Re: About you and everyone!
« Reply #15 on: May 13, 2014, 07:00:13 am »
introduction time. \(OvO)/

i have many names and recently, people have begun calling me 'rege'. i'm 18 and apparently i'm a pomeranian turning chihuahua.
i draw a lot and i love to eat read books. i sing very off-key too, sometimes and other times i write stuff. i don't dance. i like to sleep and i listen to a lot of music. i collect plastic spoons! (O▿O) i like monologues and i swim but i'm very scared of the ocean. i've never gone to a different country and i'm jealous of you guys listing off all the places you've visited TTvTT. my family has lots of pets and i have an older brother and a younger sister.

i'm in my first year in college. actually, i've been in college since i was 15 and i should have graduated by now. OTL. i dropped out of my previous schools due to some =w= things. not bullies though! just =w= things. i'm the quiet kid who always sits at the back and stares at teachers until they look away. i don't like being called in front.

i am pretty easy to upset ahahaha and i aplogize. i don't like being around a lot of people because i get agitated very easily. also i don't really know how to make friends. i'm scared of people. a lot of things make me nervous. also i can be quite pessimistic щ(;;w;;щ). i always get sick during summer. and only idiots get sick in summer so what does that tell you?

i'm not a manga type of person. *hyperventilates*

mostly i just lurk at forums so i might not seem very active. i apologize again.
and i don't use proper capitalization mostly because i'm lazy. i hope i don't offend anybody.

also hello! (=▿=)
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