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Re: About you and everyone!
« Reply #15 on: May 14, 2014, 08:08:51 am »
Wow, this is really awesome, to introduce everyone like this. i love this thread.

Welp, hi, I'm Scorrando and I'm 17 and as you can tell I'm still in high school. I still feel like I don't know myself that well and so in a phase what is life. But for now, I'm pretty damn shy, and I dont usually join groups like these cuz of my lack of confidence. But i think everything thats happened throughout the month of no.6 fandom downfall and my re-inspiration and passion for No.6 has led me to kinda lurk out of my comfort zone. I just really want to make friends

I'm planning to study engineering in university, and then do software engineering. But I'm not entirely sure what to do with my life. Everyone says to me that I need a path for my future but right now, I have nothing in mind.. Anyways, I love drawing and watching animations, anime and reading manga and fanfiction. It probably all started when my friend introduced me to Naruto in elementary and since then i've been jumping back and forth with drawing and restarted again probably this year. Though I don't take art in my school, I self teach myself.

I live in New Zealand, the land of kiwis and where yo have sheeps as best friends. It's really quiet here. But I really want to go to Japan! I intend to go with my friends next year, but it's more said than done. I've been to Australia, Thailand, Fiji and Korea. and please mind my ignorance to the wide knowledge that the world tries to offer me...

and No.6! Ah, how much I love No.6! It started about one year ago, i think i was on tumblr and i saw an official art of Nezumi and immediately searched on the internet for this hunk. I read the novel first, and it was amazing. then the manga and then anime. Although the story was a bit different in the anime, I think it had its pro and cons. but I support Nezushi all the way and let us hope this obsession never fades.

Oh and other than No.6 and drawing, I really really love sleep. I think its top on my fav list, just above food. Ok thanks for hearing me out and hope to know you well. Good night~