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Re: About you and everyone!
« Reply #15 on: May 31, 2014, 03:31:58 pm »
Hey all you new people. If you're on the forum and feeling shy, don't be! We could use some new voices around here. Come comment on my threads. Start your own thread. Everybody be friends. I'm bored. Talk to me. XD

@Hamlet *psst* give us some art... I promise we'll like it... I can't even draw, so whatever you made is better than what I can make...

@hopeandjoy (and everyone else who is afraid of being ooc!) *psst* give us some fanfics... I promise we'll like them... a little ooc never hurt anybody... seriously though, I'll read anything. And I give nice critiques. Nice as in friendly and helpful. I hope. If you want. :3
(I bet you have good ideas. you should share them!!)
(no. 6 week is about fun. not being in character. those two things sometimes overlap but sometimes not.)

@inadequateammy (i think i spelled your username right?) what kind of museum is it? sounds like a cool job. i wish i had a summer job XD

@scorrando i think it's so cool that you want to be a software designer! i love computers, i spend most of my time on one... and i work at a computer help desk, so there's that. if i could actually code (i'm learning java next fall!!) i would totally make a no. 6 dating sim just for funsies. in which you make shion chose between nezumi, safu, and inukashi. it would be wonderful. *sighs*
yeah not that i have the spare time for that either XD
aaaaaaah where in new zealand do you live? north or south island?? i've got family on the south island!

@millena peter pan complex? I hear you. i'm there. I'm really there.
Dude. dude. your college path (minor in education, english major) sounds like exactly what I want to do. Do you mind me asking where you go to uni?
Ahhh, you're so lucky to be able to go to Broadway so often! I'm in the middle of freaking nowhere. Takes 2 hours by bus to get to Boston. I love plays and musicals (and live entertainment of any kind, really).
EIGHT. SIBBLINGS???? What is that like? Must be crazy! I've only got one, and that's bad enough. (My Dad was the youngest of five though. And I thought /he/ had it bad...)

@rege don't worry about the capitalization. I just sort of alternate between doing it right and doing it wrong. You use a lot of cute emoticons so that makes up for it. ;)
I can't sing either, but I do it anyway. Good idea? Yes, definitely. My little sister hates it. I'm thinking about rewriting some song lyrics to fit Nezushi better... again, not that I can actually sing them myself. But so what. It's good for the lungs. And the soul.

Whew, okay I've seen most of the rest of you posting around here at some point or another. If you feel neglected because I didn't reply to your post, I apologize. I'm a lazy butt. Say hi anyway!

I forgot in my original post to explain two things (which were sort of taken care of on other boards but w/e):
1. I'm not actually from France, but I used to live there, and I speak French.
2. I got into No. 6 thanks to an AMV which I have already posted about.

Last but not least, I discovered that this forum censors bad words. Try writing out "shits and giggles." You get a bunch of asterisks. I think that's hilarious.