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Re: About you and everyone!
« Reply #15 on: June 03, 2014, 10:29:58 am »
@sshion: Ah, hello Lauren! :D Did you? I was a bit unsure. lkermgskrlhrtkhtj. I'm too shy for this /)w(\

@Vox: You could call it that, I suppose. Lol.
Ah, does it really? If so I encourage you to pursue it! Working with students is wonderful and seeing them get things in the classroom is kjswaefjrsgrjkshnrjshtd. Also being able to read and write in class is fantastic because it's what I love to do ;w; Not at all. I got to the College of Saint Elizabeth. It's an all girl's school @.@. Ah, yes. But Broadway means the city and the city means lots of people and lots of sensory stimulation and kerngserksgnrkhlnrtdlkht. It must be rough to live where you do though. I couldn't imagine being so far from everything. O.O Yeah. . .eight. It can be a little crazy. Especially when parents go through every one of your sibling's names until they get to yours. Pft. Luckily I only live with one and the rest are with my dad. But when we're all together. . .e.e I have gained an amazing amount of patience from having to deal with a lot xD.

Also, hi everyone. ;-; You all seem really nice and I really like getting to read about all of you-