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Re: About you and everyone!
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ooo are we reviving this board? I'm pretty excited to hear what's going on in people's lives.

My birth name is Rebekah, but to my close friends and online I am Ghosty. I am asexual and agender. I have two sisters, a twin and one five years older than me. I am in High School right now, but hope to go to college and major in psychology and minor in gender studies, or vice versa, and become a psychiatrist for teens with gender issues.

I live in the U.S., specifically Florida, and have all my life. I kindof hate Florida a lot though...

I love anime/manga, drawing, and video games. My favorite anime is obviously No. 6, but some of my other favorites are Angel Beats, Death Parade, and Tokyo Ghoul. I'm also a sucker for sports animes like Free!, Haikyuu!!, and Oofuri. My favorite video games are, as a series, Legend of Zelda and Earthbound. Other ones I like are Fire Emblem, Pokemon, and FNaF. I'm a big Nintendo fan, not as much for Playstation and Xbox.

I got into No. 6 a year or two ago, after seeing it all over my tumblr dash. I've been in love with the series since.

hmmmm... for a favorite quote,  I don't know if it can exactly count as a quote since it's longer than what most people would think a quote is, but I would probably say the speech shion says to nezumi right before he kisses him. I can't really explain why, I'm bad with words if you can't tell, but I always just liked it. For my favorite character, I love Nezumi and Shion both very much, but I think I would have to say Nezumi.