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Re: About you and everyone!
« Reply #30 on: March 31, 2015, 06:28:32 am »
Okay, I'm finally able to answer. X'D Somehow I forget everything at the moment. And not (just) because of my advanced age...

in rural Japan as an assistant language teacher.

Woaah, super cool! (OxO) May I ask where you live? When I was in Japan (just for a month), I was in Yokohama and Tokyo, but we also stayed in Tooi for a while. That was also pretty rural. And the bus trip scared me. X'D Really, I don't understand the bus system in Japan. I was glad some Japanese friends were traveling with us... or I'd probably still be there. a Japan. X'D (Well, would probably be better than being here in this....not very beautiful city. XD)
Assistant teacher sounds good... o.o A friend of mine is living in Japan, too... I started my studies together with her. She married her Japanese husbands and teaches German in a university. There were just two people in my Japanese course who managed to get a Japan related job in the end. Most of them had to drop out of college... I was also one of them, unfortunately.

So, you two are from the USA.

@Ghosty... Why do you hate Florida? o.o
A lot of people here want to take a vacation there. I don't want to go there... I guess it would be too hot. (Can't stand heat and I have a slight sun allergy... >,<) But for many people it's a pretty popular destination.

And you two like Zelda. *___* Yes!

I love tloz! What's your favorite game? I love Majora's Mask... but also Skyward Sword. (Ok, I don't like the motion controls...but the game is really nice. I know a lot of people hate the graphics, but I like them a lot. And I thought it was the first time you actually cared for Zelda, because she's Link's friend and not just a princess he has never met before in SS. ^^)
(Okay, and now imagine SS-Zelda asking SS-Link for his sperm. X'D And when he doesn't want to give it to her, she'll push him off the next cliff.)

If any of you ever meet me in real life, you are totally allowed to ask for a massage.