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Re: About you and everyone!
« Reply #30 on: March 31, 2015, 12:15:44 pm »
Ohh o.o Too bad... Do you want to move away from there one day? Where would you like to live instead?


Oh yeah... it's hard when you play Majora's Mask blind...but I think it's pretty cool when you know that game well and when you know what you have to do when... ^^ It's just so dark and sad and cool... ;_; (Ok, usually I don't like sad stuff that much, but I really like all these different side stories... some of them are soo sad and some of them so beautiful... For example Anju's and Kafei's quest... )

But Wind Waker is also really beautiful. ^^ I've never played it; I've just watched Let's Play's, but I really like it. The design is beautiful...the music is great... and I totally love Medoly. ^^

I think most of the Zelda games are really great. Ok, there are exceptions, for example "Wand of Camelon..." Urgh!!! Those CDI games are not okay! XD (And that horrible Zelda cartoon either. OMFG!)

Ah, has one of you guys visited the "Symphony of Goddesses" concert? Since most performances were held in the United States... If you ever have to chance to visit one, I can totally recommend it! I went there...I think 2 years ago when it was held in Berlin and it was soooo great! IT WAS WONDERFUL! AFSFGDHRKDLDL!

Hm...I started to love Zelda when my mom borrowed a N64 console and Ocarina of Time from the video store for me. And I was like: "Look, mom! LOOK MOM! I can do a backflip! LOOK! LOOK MOM IT'S RAINING OMG!"  X'D
I wanted a N64 then, but I got a super nintendo and "A Link to the Past"... Ok, that's also a very cool Zelda game... (although I don't know why Link's hair is pink X'D rebellious phase or something? XD) But well, after a while my mom stole my Super Nintendo, because she wanted to play Kirby... ^^ And I got a secondhand N64 and Majora's Mask, yay! X'D