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Re: About you and everyone!
« Reply #30 on: March 31, 2015, 06:48:33 pm »
@Ahiku: I live in Shimane! It's known for having the most amount of old people in Japan XD (so if you have seen Totoro or Princess Mononoke, that is pretty much a good impression of where I live.)

@Vox: YES TO GHOST TRICK. Ghost trick also reminds me of Ace Attorney and Prof Layton. XD

I LOVE Skyward Sword. The graphics were simpler and not as detailed as Twilight Princess, but I thought the coloring made it friendlier for everyone. (And also all dat Zelink yaaaaaaas) I'm still your Zelda. I don't know if I could choose between SS or OoT, they're both so good. ;_; (have people read the Zelda Mangas? The art is amazing *_*)

I've never tried Majora's Mask, would you recommend it? I played Ocarina so I want to play MM too, but it's also so incredibly dark and seemingly scary at the same time. XD;;  I haven't played Wind Waker either.... ;___;

I have not even heard of Wand of Camelon LOL and I'm not sure if I want to.
and EXCUUUUSE ME, PRINCESS. If the cartoon didn't exist, we wouldn't have that amazing line.

Omg I highly recommend the Symphony of the Goddess too. I went a few year ago (around the time when Skyward Sword came out) and I almost cried when they played the SS medley. The atmosphere and everyone cheering and crying at the same time is a very sublime experience.