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Re: Chat thread :)
« Reply #15 on: May 13, 2014, 08:50:54 am »
My first job was as an intern at a hotel since at that time, I was in a vocational school for Hotel Management and Tourism. It was obligatory as part of the education program so there weren't any interviews. Despite having scored very high on my end-of-year average grade and securing a position at one of the best 5 star hotels in the area, my mother wanted me to pick the school's practice hotel for its proximity to my house. That was a mistake though because that job was (and still is) the worst working experience of my life, so it's a really bad memory for me.
Then I worked for two separate companies as an assistant manager / secretary; answering phones, booking flights and making reservations, greeting clients, making sure my bosses' schedules ran smoothly and such. My ability to speak, understand and write in English to a degree not common where I live, has been kind of an edge in helping me get jobs I really needed. I had interviews for both jobs and although I was nervous both times, I tried to remain calm and collected and not fidget around too much when the bosses were talking to me. The anxiety hits its highest right before you are called in to the office for the interview and I usually try to focus on the things that motivated me to look for a job. I usually promise myself a small treat before interviews on the condition that it goes well, like buying a book I've really wanted to get, or buying myself a piece of clothing or just.. taking my family out for a dinner.
I am working for an advertising agency as a writer right now and my interview for that job was pretty mild and unintimidating. Maybe it's because it was the kind of job I really wanted since it involves writing, so I tried my hardest to be honest without being too humble and insecure about my skills and abilities and I was told to start right away, like, the very next day. I haven't disappointed anyone yet.

It's been over two years since then and now I am working freelance for the agency after a move and am currently looking for a second job. I have actually been getting in and out of several interviews for the past month. You need to be respectful, alert and appear confident. You need to make them feel they need you as much as you need the job. The last two interviews I've been to didn't work out for me because I found out things about the companies that I could not work with so one of my suggestions would be to prepare your questions before you go. Because as they ask you questions, you also should ask them your own. You never know what you might learn regarding what's expected of you, what're the conditions they might not mention on their on volition. You should also read up on the company you are interviewing. Go through their website if they have one or try to get some information through people you know who might have knowledge about them. Because they will ask you things like 'why us?' or 'what about our company attracts you for your pursuit of success?' or 'how did you find out about us?'. And about taming your anxiety, the breathing exercise honestly helps but if it doesn't, maybe take a book with you to the interview and read on your way to the place or while waiting instead of constantly thinking about the interview itself and fueling your anxiety. Be prepared as much as possible but don't obsess over it. That's pretty much it ^^ 
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