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Re: Chat thread :)
« Reply #15 on: May 13, 2014, 12:07:00 pm »
My ability to speak, understand and write in English to a degree not common where I live, has been kind of an edge in helping me get jobs I really needed.

The first time I’ve read one of your fanfictions I had the feeling you’re a native English speaker.  How did you learn English so well? Did you learn it autodidactically? You’ve written that you love reading a lot, so I guess that helped a lot, since it affords insight into foreign languages and cultures. Or have you ever lived in the States expect for the time you stayed with thesexymaid? ^^

@Hannaadi88 I also wish you good luck. ^^ I can understand that you’re probably really nervous.

My first job interview was after finishing my graphic design job training. Although I should rather say it wasn’t a real job, it was an internship. We had to intern with a graphic design related company to graduate, after finishing our complementary work. Mine was illustrating some of Christian Morgenstern’s poems and then I had to print the book. 2 weeks of internship were obligatory, but I stayed 3 month in an animation studio. The interview was not that bad… the only thing was that they didn’t want me for just 3, but 6 month. There was no way to stay that long, because they didn’t pay their threshold workers and I just had 3 month left until my orphan’s pension expired. I had to find a “real” job afterwards for a living. 

The internship was not that cool. I really loved animation films, especially Ghibli movies… so it was like a dream to work there… But it was just an illusion. In the end I was their general servant and replaced some of their workers when they had their summer vacation. I rendered scenes, wrote reports, assisted the cutter guy… I was the director’s assistant’s assistant… And I learned nearly nothing about animations. ^^° The best thing was, that they started to have shootings with kids for a show (an animated and real kids show)… So I was set-runner, babysitter, prop master…and a dummy for the cameraman when he prepared his shots, because he couldn’t use the kids, they were just 4-5 years old. So they always told me what I had to do and I crawled on my knees across the greenbox and when one of the kids started to cry I had to do the hand shot… ( they just filmed my hand while I held a brush… ^^° The producers said it was ok since I have small hands… <_<) But the best thing were the two weeks I had to take care of a frog because they needed him (his name was Olaf) for another shoot. First they refused to give me money to buy flies for him, so I had to catch flies outdoors with a Tupperware container. God that was so awkward. <_<° After three days the other producer feared that the frog might die, because I didn’t catch enough flies, so I was allowed to go and buy some. The best thing happened when I called the pet store beforehand…

Me: Do you sell flies?
Shop: Uh, yeah. For what kind of animal do you need them?
Me: For a pretty hungry frog.
Shop: Ah, yeah, we have some day flies.
Me: No, I need huge flies. Pretty huge flies!
Animation guys: O__O Frog? Flies? HUGE? WTF?
Me: o.o Yeah. I have to go now. But I’ll come back together with them.

Well, those are things you expect when you gonna work for an animation studio. ^^°

Okay… that was quite off topic…XDDD Sorry. But when I think about it…everything sounds really funny. But back then it wasn’t funny at all. It was nothing but annoying.

So my first real job was a call center job. Horrible, horrible… I worked for Vodafone and it was the biggest **** ever. I’ll never work for a telecommunication company again. People yelled at me all day long. I could understand them, I would also be pissed when my internet’s gone all day long, but they want pretty cheap stuff, so they get a pretty cheap connection.
Ah and I had to work for the elderly people phone tariff hotline then. That was really stupid. ^^° Try to explain a 75 year old grandma that she should take the SIM card out of her modem to test it in her mobile phone… There were even younger people who called and asked: “My modem doesn’t work. Why?” and I tried to help them at least ten minutes until I desperately asked if it was plugged in the wall. ^^° It wasn’t.
Ah, btw… The interview for this job was pretty easy, just a little bit EDP stuff, and then they tested if I’m able to talk to other people on the phone. That was it.
But the job was horrible, so I searched another one after half a year.

And that’s my current job… the job interview was horrifying. XD Because it was a two-day test marathon: Common knowledge, make of cars, geography, routes of German highways, several interviews, one of those interviews in English, Math, German, English, computer tests, logical reasoning… Luckily I could skip some of the tests, because I was somehow able to convince them of my abilities. ^^°

BTW: Something else… I dreamed of Elanra and thesexymaid last night… A strange guy put some boxes in a transporter and you were hiding in some of them to escape the government for whatever reason. (I just knew you were in some of the boxes, I didn’t see you…) and after a complete change of scene some random people and I searched for Elanra who was lost in labyrinth of bathroom stalls…  ^^° Weird.
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