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Re: Chat thread :)
« Reply #15 on: May 13, 2014, 08:50:23 pm »
The first time I’ve read one of your fanfictions I had the feeling you’re a native English speaker.  How did you learn English so well? Did you learn it autodidactically? You’ve written that you love reading a lot, so I guess that helped a lot, since it affords insight into foreign languages and cultures. Or have you ever lived in the States expect for the time you stayed with thesexymaid? ^^

Most of it was autodidactical admittedly. I've always been fascinated in the language ever since I realized what it truly meant to learn a second language in 7th grade (we started learning English in the 6th grade back then, now students start as early as first grade) when I was listening to a song on the radio in my mother's car and I understood the lyrics. I was so blown away by the realization that learning English wasn't just something to help me get a better job in the future, it opened up the entire world to me. I could travel, I could immerse myself in other cultures, I could appreciate the beauty of songs, movies, books in their original language when their intended spirit and meaning was not lost in translation. I started borrowing English short stories and intermediate level novels from the school libraries and tried to read them with a dictionary beside me. I have maybe half a dozen dictionaries nearly falling apart in boxes because I never allowed myself to be too lazy to skip a word I didn't know when reading. I looked up every single one of them and it made me feel so proud if I could remember them later on while writing or speaking to someone. I started watching shows and movies in their original language with Turkish subtitles until I didn't need them anymore. By highschool, I was way ahead of the class in English and my heart was already stolen by creative writing. I had a teacher when I was 18 who was.. almost like a father to me... He was the first person to ever read some of my poems and short stories and he encouraged me so much, I probably wouldn't have been the person I am today if it wasn't for him. He also pushed me to take the British Language and Literature exam for the Cambridge University that my school at the time co-executed with Cambridge and even though I scored high enough to earn a scholarship, I wasn't able to go because of family reasons ;A;

My love for the language only grew in time. It still grows everyday. Every new book I read, every new word I learn, puns, jokes, phrases, slang terms.. they all fascinate me and excite me so much. I was never the kind of person to feel ashamed to ask what something meant nor was I embarrassed at making mistakes. I wanted to be corrected and to be taught new stuff. Forgetting a word really upsets me though and I literally can't sleep at night unless I remember the exact word I am thinking of. That's also why is one of my most used bookmarks xD

Delving in No.6 fanned the feeble flames of my shy attempts at creative writing into an all-out wildfire. I have never written so much in my life nor have I ever been as happy in my writing as I am now. I am still nowhere near half as good as I want to be but the kind of inspiration and nagging need to write; to continue the story No.6 makes me feel was something I've never felt in my life before and it truly changed my life. It's because I got confidence in my writing I dared to apply for a job at an advertisement agency for a position in writing alone; something I'd have never done pre-No.6, and I got the job. ^^

And again, it's thanks to No.6 I found my favorite written piece in the world. I have read so much... so many books ever since I was as young as six... Nearly two years after the anime ended, thesexymaid wrote a fanfiction named The Fall and I've honestly.. never.. read anything as beautiful in my life before. I've probably read it twenty times since it was posted and can recite some lines from it by heart now and even just thinking about it makes my heart beat faster. I am absolutely in love with the astonishing mystic and that.. near poetic excellence of her piece and I will likely never get over it. It was perfect... just simply.. perfect. She reminded me one more time just why the English language is so beautiful, why No.6 with its characters is nothing like we have seen before, why I am the kind of person that lives for love and why it's the one thing worth living.. and dying for. Since it was such a personal piece for me...  it'll always be unequally special to me.

So, yes, thesexymaid has a huge part in improving my English because even though I have always been ridiculously passionate about it, I was never using it THIS actively in the past before. I think, write, even dream in English now and after spending six months with her in the states without speaking a word of Turkish, I feel she has given me a priceless experience that I'll always be grateful for for the rest of my life. I've been to the states before but it was only for two weeks on 2012, it was nothing like what she did for me. She changed my life just as much as No.6 did by making it possible for me to meet her ^^

BTW: Something else… I dreamed of Elanra and thesexymaid last night… A strange guy put some boxes in a transporter and you were hiding in some of them to escape the government for whatever reason. (I just knew you were in some of the boxes, I didn’t see you…) and after a complete change of scene some random people and I searched for Elanra who was lost in labyrinth of bathroom stalls…  ^^ Weird.

Ohmygod! I do want to escape my government but in boxes in a transporter?!? AND GDI THESEXYMAID YOU LEFT ME BEHIND AND I GOT LOST. I hope you found me Ahiku because I am sure she was too busy shooting down or slitting the throats of whoever was chasing us while I was wandering in a bathroom trying to find my way out :/
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