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Re: Chat thread :)
« Reply #15 on: May 14, 2014, 09:46:45 am »
It's always great to be able to discuss and read how No. 6 has changed and/or affected everyone in different ways. I always try and encourage new friends and old to read No. 6, the novels were beyond beautiful and quite honestly unlike anything I've ever read before which is probably saying something because I like to read a lot too, it's great to hear that Elanra. It's a shame about the Cambridge thing, I've been there seeing as though I live in Wales and practically live in England too because of my family splitting, but the fact that you got a high enough score for a scholarship is amazing enough.

English was my favourite subject too, as well as Art ahah, I preferred English Language as a course to English Literature, though I blame the material that we had to work with in contrast to other classes. I took a break from English when attending college and studied more on art and game programming, but now hopefully when I go to university, I'll be able to take Creative Writing studies and it includes a bit of theatre too.. sighs because I'm so nervous, and that depends if I even make it to university or not. xD; the results and deadlines aren't long away now.

So.. I'm guessing not everyone here is English or American? Sorry I'm trying to scan through the forum before I'm hurried off to do chores. It's interesting to see just how much No. 6 has influenced others this much! Whisks away to do homework...
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