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Re: Chat thread :)
« on: May 11, 2014, 09:20:33 pm »
So... hi?
Sorry it took me a while to get this done. My internet has been bad enough to want to pluck my own hair out with frustration.
I have no idea how I am supposed to even get work done when it's like this OTL

Yuneyn, I had no idea that you were getting married (or had and were planning a ceremony again)! That's so amazing! You should take.. no, actually not you since you are the bride, you should get someone to take millions of pictures and share some of them with us so we can see how beautiful it will be! A themed wedding honestly sounds so amazing... I have only been to two wedding and they were both loud and crazy Turkish weddings that made me want to become a hermit afterwards  "^_^

Also, Ahiku, don't think I didn't see the tomato soup you ruined by adding Tabasco in it. How could you...
Weather report from Turkey: Warm with mild breeze that smells like the sea ^^
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