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Re: Chat thread :)
« Reply #315 on: September 06, 2016, 11:58:43 am »
@Weisel: yikes, yeah I can imagine how frustrating that must be... hopefully your hands will make a full recovery very soon!
Really liking your topic idea~ I'm not much of a cosplayer myself (closet cosplay is as close as I can get), but it's so great to see others having fun with characters they love. I hope there'll be a lot of responses!

@kare_reiko: Don't get me started, I already have a bunch of notes on this XD (It'd take a while to actually write it, I would basically be rewriting the whole No. 6 plot... Brevity what is that. Though uh Nezumi as a shepherd would be a nope XD I was thinking wind seraph for him actually. Still on the fence about Shion being a shepherd, but definitely a human with enough resonance to see them and probably pure enough to be a shepherd anyway.)
Yikes, take care though! O_o get the rest you need!