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Re: Chat thread :)
« Reply #330 on: October 02, 2016, 04:13:17 am »
I've been cleaning a house I'll probably be living in soon (long story short, a family friend needs someone in a house so it's taken care of and not empty). It's a really good deal for everyone involved, so I'm excited to finalize this whole thing. My health is still a mess and there's a possibility of basal cell skin cancer, but that's not exactly urgent (worst case scenario I get an ugly patch of skin on my arm). I'm hopefully going to see a doc about Lyme disease, which is a possibility for what's behind all this health nonsense. I've been really tired and sleeping a lot... I overdid it last Saturday and I couldn't even drive the next day, which meant missing out on a little local convention. I was really bummed out, but that's life.