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Re: Chat thread :)
« Reply #330 on: November 22, 2016, 03:31:47 am »
I watched YOI last week when I couldn't sleep. I laughed and scoffed while watching it more than any other show I've seen. That show is a strange blessing bestowed upon us in this dark time.

So, fun plumbing chat time (because I have to keep laughing about it or else I'll cry lol)... The house I'm cleaning and watching isn't the greatest, and the big problem that has come up is that things are literally coming up... waste water from the sewer line, that is! That has basically been one of my nightmares I've had for decades... Things coming back up from drains... So I'm just laughing and cleaning to keep myself from screaming I guess.

So I worked with the plumber to figure out what's going on, and we think it's a blockage out in the pipeline off the house property, but then also the pipeline on the property itself is probably broken in some spots because it's an old ceramic pipe near big trees... and tree roots will do what they want, like go through old pipes. Yaaaay. So as a part of getting the township's sewer company to look at what's blocking things on their side, I have to install access pipes right at the edge of the property, which I'm doing in a few hours. Exciting! It will be a chilly morning of digging down to the sewers, which is my favorite thing to do... Okay, it's not that bad at all since the plumber will be doing most of the work and I have proper winter gear. (Oh, it snowed here!) And then when that's done and the blockage issue is resolved, we'll determine if the sewer pipeline on the property needs to be replaced. I hope it won't, but I'm betting it will. I'll have to dismantle the back porch steps either way, because the people who built the house buried the access pipes about half a yard/meter underground. Why!?!? T_T If this house is ever going to be sold, those need to be extended above ground.

In the meantime, I'm going over to my mom's house to shower and do laundry. The rate water drains from the house is too slow to do those things here, which is how I discovered the issue in the first place. My cat misses licking water from the shower every night lol.

Anyway... yeah, it's a literal mess here and I'm ready to bleach the basement. Also, there was nearly an electrical fire! A lamp plug started smoking while I was cleaning in a room. I yanked it out right away because I was thankfully paying attention... So yeah, that could have been far worse than gross plumbing problems! Silver linings, right...?

Okay, I feel better getting all of my fussing out. It's just a lot to take on when I was only supposed to be cleaning and organizing a house, not repairing it. Yikes!

I feel like I had a funny story to add, but now I can't remember at all... Maybe it'll come back to me later. Anyway, so if anyone else is having a stressful time, just remember that I'm screaming along with you miles and miles away. May our screams join our hearts in a special bond.