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Re: Chat thread :)
« Reply #360 on: March 29, 2017, 11:35:05 am »
I miss hearing from you all as well, and I'm glad to see you're doing well. I've been a bit more active politically as well since the U.S. currents state of affairs happened, though I missed the women's march due to a lack of a ride. I have participated in some other protests, though. I'm glad to hear you've found a passion in standing up for this country, it really needs people like that right now.

I haven't really changed much in the past few months. I'm still 17, so life is still mostly just school and work.

I went to California for a week recently for spring break. I've never traveled that far from home before, especially without my family. I enjoyed the experience a lot, and it helped me realize that the world is more than the state of Florida and i'm not as tied here as it seems. Plus, there were no oak trees there, therefore no pollen, so i could actually breath for a week :P

The biggest change for me recently is actually that I've been trying different medications. I finally convinced my mom to start giving me ADHD medication. Since then, I've begun to feel tremendously better in class. I used to feel as if there was a wall between my teacher and me preventing any of their lectures from teaching me, like it was actually impossible for any new information to enter my brain because it was already full. I finally feel that I am understanding what i'm being taught, and I'm very thankful. I've also just begun to take prozac for my social anxiety, but that only started today, so the effects have yet to be seen.

As for yet to happen events, I am actually going to Israel this summer for two or three weeks. I am jewish, but only culturally rather than spiritually. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to observe my culture in full force.

I hope to continue to hear from you guys. I check here every once in a while, but usually am too afraid to post. Even if I don't hear anything, I hope you're all still doing well. :)