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Re: Chat thread :)
« Reply #360 on: June 04, 2017, 02:44:54 am »
:waves: @_@ it's been forever since I've been back too!! *blows off dust*

Good luck with your exams @scorrando!! >< ... tho hopefully you'd be done with them by the time you see this again ;)

@Ghosty and @Weisei, we need more people like you in America to be more politically active.......... auuuuuuugh.... but the No.6 forums /probably/ isn't the most ideal place to discuss politics.... >> (or is it? XD where're Nezumi and Shion to overthrow this disaster nut job?)

I'm glad you got to come to California, @Ghosty! and that you're getting the medical help you need!! <3 and that's so exciting that you're going to Israel this summer! :O I've never been, but pictures always look beautiful... it sounds like a culturally enriching experience, have fun and stay safe!! ^^

as for me... personally... I've started coding (or learning how to)... Trying one of those bootcamp things and it's taking a while... because I'm slow and I just stocked up on a bunch of No.6 doujins last week because I'm weak and I'm currently putting sticky notes on ones that I want to scan & translate before Sept 7th, 2017. I want to share them here first... or at least somewhere that I can control availability 'cause even though the fandom, both American and Japanese, have moved on, I still want to respect artists and not ~freely~ redistribute their work... ^^ but I also want to share privately with friends... so what do. :S