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Re: Chat thread :)
« on: May 12, 2014, 04:12:19 pm »
Aha thanks guys!

Ah same as Elanra said, hope you're feeling better and please be careful. I wish I have something exciting to say here but alas I'm just crammed with college work for the next two months sigh, though then is a whole 10 weeks of summer for me.

And as for the Shion and Safu thing, I agree with that too! I'm reading the novels over again at the moment actually, I hope to get them on paper soon.. when I can ahah, but it's great to see everyone's opinions and points of views in a place much quieter, tumblr can be.. overwhelming at times xD. I hope to contribute in other places here too soon, once I have time to produce things for here, so I should say thank you for making this ahah.

@Weisel I'm sure you're not annoying at all! I'm nervous too, but here is to openly express your thoughts and opinions right?
we only go so far.