Author Topic: Funny/Stupid/Weird stuff to share! :3  (Read 1911 times)


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Re: Funny/Stupid/Weird stuff to share! :3
« Reply #45 on: July 22, 2015, 07:29:14 am »
Here are my No. 6 Mii characters! :D I'm playing Tomodachi Life at the moment.
I've just shown them to listenforthelove and Meo, but I thought I could share them here as well. ^^ Sorry, the photos are crappy, because my camera is not very good. I really need a better camera. X'D

Weeell, I have Shion and Nezumi (who is a girl, because otherwise they can't marry <___<) They are already married and have a child (Mao, who is already living in her own apartment ^^)
I have Rikiga and Karan... (Rikiga and one of my OCs are a couple... <___< I never wanted that lol XD I made my OC a girl, so that he can marry my other OC, but he ended up liking Rikiga. So well, Rikiga likes young boys, but okay. X'D The best thing was, that Karan interrupted the confession and was like: "No, Rikiga, take me instead, I love you more..." and Rikiga rejected her. D:
Uhh...well...I also have Lili (who got rejected by Toon Link today X'D) and Safu (the best friend of my Mii XD) and Inukashi. Inukashi and Safu are a couple. The Mii of my real life friend wanted to go out with Inukashi today, but he rejected her. X'D Good Inukashi. You have to be loyal to Safu. ^^