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gardening questions
« on: January 07, 2018, 10:57:41 pm »

I've been growing a camelia bush in a largish pot for a few years now. It's pretty healthy & produces beautiful white flowers in season.

This year, at the beginning of summer, it's produced a few small "fruit", similar in appearance to small quinces. I have never seen this before, in camelias that I've grown in the garden. The only reason this particular camelia is now growing in a pot is because the previous owner of the property planted it in entirely the wrong place (too much sun) & it was suffering. I simply had no other place to plant it & transplanted it to a pot, where it's been much happier.

So how come the "fruit"?

Does it have something to do with growing in a pot, or perhaps to do with warmer, drier weather in my part of Oz?

Please help.

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