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Re: Hello again!
« Reply #30 on: October 31, 2014, 08:29:05 pm »
Ahhh I keep logging on but having to run off!

Happy Halloween!!!

@listenforthelove: Ahhhhh, great to see you here too! I always love reading your blog, brightens my mornings something fierce.

@ahiku: Haha, thank you muchly! I'd love, love, love to be a part of things in any way I can!
Yeah, I'm currently in a couple of shows at my college, one of which is a biggie, the other two have smaller parts. I also have a couple of scenes up in class and with rehearsal-- it's kind of hard to find time to breathe and eat and stuff; it's worth it in the end though.
I'm sorry you're having a rough go with your work. People-oriented jobs are always really really hard! It's so easy to get burnt out!

Ahh parties. Stuff gets pretty crazy here-- I go to parties because it's kind of a required social thing but I don't really like them. I don't drink, but it's certainly interesting to see everyone else get wasted-- informative! The halloween party here is pretty infamous though, there's been police intervention in years past so I'm just gonna go ahead and sit this one out. Hahaha...ha. So I will spend Halloween writing fic.