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Re: Hello again!
« Reply #30 on: November 01, 2014, 07:47:22 am »
@this-is-our-truth o.o Oh... I hope you're ok. *wraps you in a warm blanket*

And here it's way too warm... we have 20C (68 F), which is nice, but way to warm for November. O_o Normally, the average temperature is more like 5C. (41F). ^^ The world is crazy. But well, the climatic change is our own fault.

Wow, that sounds really hard but also very interesting. ^^But please don't forget to breathe and to eat! *gives you an emergency air kit and a  bentobox filled with NezuShi powerbars*.
Yeah, that's right, it's easy to burn out when you have to do people-orientated jobs (or jobs you don't like to do, but you have to, because you need money and there's nothing else you can do...) (x_X) Oh god, I don't want to go back on Monday. I don't even know if I have late or early shift, because they changed my vacation and they changed my shift group. OTL Please no 3weeks late shift in a row...not again ;_;!

You got an invitation to our blog and you're a RC member now, so you can see our secret planning bunker now. But don't force yourself... when you don't have time. But maybe you'll find something you can do every once in a while. ^^
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