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Re: Hello again!
« Reply #45 on: November 03, 2014, 01:51:23 pm »
@Vox: Ah... I've never seen something like a Shion coat or Nezumi jacket here. ^^ It's just... sometimes when I want to buy new clothes all I can think is: "Ohh...that would be perfect for Nezumi/Shion/Safu..." X'D But I can't find clothes for myself. LOL. And last week I bought a red check shirt because it reminded me of Shion and Nezumi. ^^ (And I want another one XD)

No... but they have to give us minimum wages starting next year. At the moment they "conduct negotiations" and the new employes get minimum wages, because nobody wanted the job anymore, so they had to... ^^ It's really stupid. The only nice thing are the coworkers... and the fact that I just need 5 minutes by foot and I'm there. (It's nice when you don't have a long way home, especially when you have late shift or extremely late shift ending at 1.30am ^^)

It was pretty hard to focus on that stuff today, I was always thinking about Shion and Nezumi having **** sex. o____O (I didn't even want to, I mean I have to fulfill a quota each day... XD It just happened.)

*gives you a warm blanket* It's still way to warm here. Today I even got a mosquito bite. ^^ I thought they are aleady dead in November. X'D