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Re: Hello again!
« Reply #45 on: November 03, 2014, 02:51:07 pm »
@Ahiku I nearly choked on my mint when I read "Condoms?  o.o Ahhh... you wanna f*ck, eh?! Wait a second." I might've lost my job if I did that... BUUUUT that reminds me of ANOTHER story about working at Target! A situation where I REALLY could have said that! There was supposed to be a big storm in the area where I lived and supplies like water bottles and flashlights and candles were being sold to the point that we were OUT. It was CRAZY. Anyway, I was on register a lot those days since we were so busy and three or four times I got college age boys at my register with candles and condoms. My favorite was one that got "Titanic" on DVD as well (gotta use the last of that computer battery wisely, right?). I could just imagine what they were thinking... "hey baby, the power's out... we'd better have sex to stay warm..."