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Re: Hello again!
« Reply #60 on: November 03, 2014, 04:12:09 pm »
Hehehe XDDD It's always hard when you really want to crack up, but you can't. ^^ But it's even worse when you crack up. XD Happened to me once. It's not even funny when I tell it someone, it was just funny at that moment.
There's a coworker of mine who's a little bit like Nezumi. He can be very sarcastically and he loves it to tease other people. Especially me, because he likes it that I give sassy answers.
One time we sat next to each other, taking one call after the other... and sometimes, when the customers where in the wrong line we had to pass them through to other colleages. There was a man calling and it was welcome desk, so I just had to put him through to another colleague. And I was so glad, because he was screaming like hell. I don't know why, he wasn't mad, he was just screming like. "I NEED A TRANSPORTER! BUT NOT TOO EXPENSIVE! CAN YOU HELP ME? PLEEEEASEEEE  _"  God, it was so weird. XD I was glad that I was allowed to put him through, and said colleague got him... XD So I smiled at him and told him: "Hey, I have a nice man for you. He wants a transporter."
He was like:"Ah, thanks.^^" I put him through... I'll never forget his  (_) "WTF, YOU RUNT. i'm gonna kill you" face, so full of hatred, disappointment, betrayel and more. XD You could even hear that man yell when you sat 1m apart from him. XD Another colleage and I **** up, I wasn't able to work for minutes.  Ok, it's not so funny now... but it was. It really was, because his face was so priceless. ^^ Pure horror and so. But he deserved it, because he's horrible.