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Re: Hello again!
« Reply #60 on: November 04, 2014, 02:47:08 pm »
I-- I-- the thing it's moved 2 pages and I've still only made one post oh gee oh gee. I LIVE IN AN OCEAN THAT SUCKS TIME I APOLOGIZE

It's so neat how bustling this forum is, wow! I feel like a tourist, just sitting in the background awkwardly holding my camera to take stupid photos of...the foliage or something.
They will be damn good photos though. Damn good.
What am I talking about.

It's been a day. I'm typing this from the dining hall at my college as I am stranded without a raincoat or umbrella due to a sudden thunderstorm. Jesustakethewheel.

@listen-for-the-love: Yup, yup. Crazy busy-- I kind of hate and love it at the same time. Today the dial is set more along the lines of "OH WHY DO I HAVE TO DO ALL THESE THINGS"-- but I'll get over it. How's life? I hope everything is well and wonderful on your end. c: The halloween party apparently got really crazy-- a bunch of high school students showed up and they ran out of alcohol and ohhh man I'm glad I wasn't there.
I didn't get a ton of writing done though-- decided to watch bad movies instead. I reallygottagetthatchapterfinishedargugh!

@ahiku: NEZUSHI POWER BARS? HELL YES. I bet they taste like disillusionment and love and TAKING DOWN THE MAN. just a treasure of a human wow. Wow. I feel you on the thinking of Nezushi when you shouldn't be thinking of Nezushi. I was attempting to study a script today and I was like "huh, I wonder if dirt ever gets locked in Nezumi's boots and he trecks mud around the underground room-- I wonder if Shion does the same thing-- oh shoot it's probably super muddy there. It is underground. The books! Oh doesn't Shion sleep on the floor once? He probably had all this dirt in his hair what a dweeb. I can't imagine Shion getting out carpet cleaner, oh **** they don't have carpet cleaner in West Block. I wonder if they have it in No. 6-- I wonder if Shion misses carpet cleaner. Wait maybe Shion--"
and then suddenly it was my line and I was like, damn.

@Curiousscarleteyes: AHHH YOU'RE HERE TOO!? OH MAN LOOK AT THIS PARTY IT'S LIKE A WHOLE RPG POSSE IS READY. I don't know what each of you would be though.

@Vox: A SUPER SMASH BROS TOURNAMENT COME HELL OR HIGH WATER? I want to go to your school. Mine's pretty snobby, but the theatre department is pretty famous and absolutely excellent.

Annnnd now I have to get to class.