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Re: Hello again!
« Reply #60 on: November 06, 2014, 06:16:34 am »
They taste like your favorite flavor and whatever your tongue desires when you eat them and a little bit like cheesy feet. Just eating one of them will give you enough energy for 3 days and nights. ^^They'll give you Nezumi's bouncebackability and stamina and also contain some natural essences that will help you to feel happy and carefree and give you Shion's airheadedness... :3

Ah, I think Nezumi is wearing ugly slippers in his underground room, but Shion is always wearing his shoes. But he seems to be very tidy, so I think he makes sure that they don't get the room too dirty. X3

But yeah, thinking about NezuShi is very distracting. o.o You're lucky that you think about this kind of stuff... I really can't stop thinking about them having h*ardcore sex. o_o  and all you have in mind is something like. I don't want to think about it all the time.
"Oh...yeah! Nezumi! NEZUMI! AHH!"  - "Ok...what the heck? Shut up, Shion! I try to focus on my work...." - "HAAH!" - "AHHH >_>" - "Harder!" - "OMG!" - "UHH, SHION!" - "Oh no, Nezumi too?"
Coworker: "Hey, what are you doing? o.o You typed: "Dear Sir or Madam" three times!" - "Oh o.o"
^^ This is a true story.

But it's really hard to focus on things at the moment. ^^

XD (Lol forum, why are you censoring **** but not sex? o.o)

@listenforthelove and @yuneyn
It's ok, don't force yourself... o.o It doesn't help anybody when you can't focus or when you're not feeling well. *gives you nezushi hugpillows*
@Yuneyn I've already told you, but...Get well soon! *hug* I hope you're feeling at least a little bit better. *also leaves a NezuShi anti cold powerbar for you*