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Re: Hello again!
« Reply #60 on: November 07, 2014, 12:47:04 pm »
Lol XD Next time just say you drew flowers and rodents, then you don't need to explain so much.

Ahh, I miss my Japanese lessons and the funny guys in my Japanese course. Ok, exept one of them... A pretty weird guy. He was really good in Japanese, because he always translated doujinshi. And a lot of hentai doujins. He always showed them to us... and sometimes he asked the teacher. o_o We all hated it, because you could tell that the teacher felt really embarrassed. He even scared away all Japanese exchange students. They didn't want to come to our faculty anymore because he asked them questions about their sex lifes.
(Not only them... he also asked the rest of us, but we were able to give it to him straight. The Japanese girls were barely able to speak German... we always tried to protect them.)
God, he was so horrible. ^^° He asked a friend of mine of often she's masturbating... and he asked my (ex)boyfriend how often we have sex. (He didn't even know him... oO He saw him the very first time...and I didn't notice it, but my ex told me: Uh...this weird guy asked a pretty weird question, wtf is wrong with him. oO°)
<_____<° God, this guy was horrible... and it wasn't even a joke. ^^° And one of my friends fell in love with him and they were together for a while... XDDD I'm still vomiting when I think about it. I guess he's one of the most horrible persons I've ever met. XD

What about you guys. What are the most horrible persons you've met? o.o