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Re: Hello again!
« Reply #60 on: November 18, 2014, 12:37:56 pm »
OMG O_O *gives you a protection bubble*
Thsi is horrible! >,<
(Ah, btw, I think you're very cute. X3 Maybe that's why they all try to hit on you.)
I've read your story about cosplaying Nezumi... ^^ OMG, that must have been a really horrible evening. Sometimes I'm glad that I live all alone.

@Vox: Ewww oO OMG. What's wrong with that girl.

I'm also just get hit on by old dudes... really old dudes, grandpas... x_X
A couple of years ago I had injured my foot, so I could barely walk and had to see a doctor. But the doc wasn't there... and somehow I was all alone in a little back alley, except for an old man who started to query me, just like. "Oh, are you hurt? What's wrong... The doctor's not there?" Later he wanted me to kiss him and grabbed my arms and pursed his lips. In the end I had to push him away and hobble away as fast as possible. It wasn't even dark, it was broad daylight.
Or last week, when that old fat geezer looking like Santa Clause told me that he always **** women in elevators... (And I was in an elevator all alone with him...)
Or one time when I traveled very early a Turk or Greek (I'm not sure... ^^) sat right next to me, even though the entire train was empty and followed me when I had to change trains, and when he finally had to get another train he kissed my cheek and went away.

This city is a bit dangerous... last year a girl was **** in front of the main train station and another man who wanted to help her got killed.
My mom was nearly attacked one time... (several years ago...) She wanted to walk to the market place after work. It was already dark... and she was alone. After a while she noticed that a man with an iron rod was following her. She walked faster and when she could see the market place and other people, she started to run, to reach them as fast as possible.
That was really scary. o_o

Me and my friends have a pact that if one of us ever gets hit on by a creepy dude, the other will automatically pretend to be their lesbian lover. So far, it's worked great...

That's a good idea. XD