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Re: Hello again!
« on: October 22, 2014, 04:20:26 am »
Thaaanks Lawl. I was able to sleep 6 hours last night, so I'm feeling a bit better now. :3
I'm glad you feel better too, Yuneyn.

I'm used to forums... I'm in a amateur voice acting group and we also have a forum... it's mainly to plan our stuff together, because it's the easiest way to plan something... since you can start topics and masterposts to have a nice overview... That's something you just can't do on Tumblr. of course you can do a guidline post, but it will drunk in the flood of new posts very quickly.

Apart from that we also don't talk that much in our forum... but we also have a chat threat. But it works as long as people come check it out once in a while and really want to work together. We planned so many things together... that's why I know that things like that can work!
And it's always better when there are not tooooo many people... But I hope that some other people will join us, until we have a nice little, motivated group. I mean there are also a lot of people who don't want to do something and just enjoy everything, because they are just on a short journey through the fandom, but it would be nice when they think that we, even if we are a small fandom, we really do care for it. So if you know people, friends of you, please also ask them personally if they want to help... ^^

How's your vacation doing, Ahiku? Just don't think about it - you're going to find a new job, I have faith in you!
Ah, it's raining... XD Yesterday I visited my grandma, but I'll just use the rest of my days off to rest a bit, I'm really exhausted. I'll do some stuff for No. 6, draw some fanarts and think about some stuff we could do in the future. And I'll try to find a better job....So well... XD

Don't overdo it Lawl... o.o *gives you power motivation NezuShi snack bars that will give you lots of energy so that you'll survive this semester easily*