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Re: Hello again!
« on: October 22, 2014, 05:35:14 am »
Maybe that was me... I guess I told you once about the Meitantei Conan forum I was a part of... I was just 16 back then, and it was the time when I discovered the internet.
It was a very small forum (ok, bigger than this one...)... just like our voice dubbing forum...
There were about 20 people who posted regularly and some others who dropped by once in a while... but I really made some good friends back then, I still have contact to some of them. I met a lot of them personally. We weren't that many, but we had found really good friends who liked the same stuff and whenever we had the possibility we had litte reunions. ^^ (But ok, we didn't live that far away... they all were from Germany...) There's even one of the guys I still meet every now and then, (rarley, but we still have contact) he's just living in the next city.
The same with the voice dubbing group.

Of course it's impossible that we know the complete fandom... but whenever someone wants to join our little group we'll welcome this person. ^^

Ah, god, you don't have to ask her... I thought...about followers you've never talked to or something like that. When I see some very passionate people in my tags who reblogged my art I think I'll invite them, since I'd love to talk to them. ^^ And maybe they also want to meet other people.