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Re: Hello again!
« Reply #210 on: April 02, 2015, 05:43:21 am »
I was gonna say 'that's early' but then I realized it's already Thursday, woops.

Haha XD That's okay. It's still kinda early. But I reveived an Easter postcard from a friend today and thought I could also give some Easter greetings.
Ah, and yesterday, I thought the entire time that we have Sunday... I even wrote to someone "Have a great Sunday evening" and got a confused answer. orz I'm so done. X'D

Ah yes, we celebrate Easter. Mostly just by eating eggs and especially the chocolate kind, but sssh. How about you?

Same here... o.o I don't celebrate it... but when I was a kid, we decorated the apartment and painted eggs. And then my grandparents and my mom were hiding some eggs and chocolate in the garden or in front of the house. (There was a meadow with lots of flowers and trees...) And then we went for a long walk in the forest. (I lived in a small village surrounded by nature and woods... and my grandpa was forest ranger when he was younger.)
We took eggs along and whenever we found a small hill, we rolled eggs down said hill and when your egg ****, you lost.. (but you were allowed to eat it... ^^ Yum...egg with forest soil!)