Author Topic: Is No.6 taking over your life?  (Read 451 times)


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Re: Is No.6 taking over your life?
« on: June 28, 2015, 02:59:28 pm »
I'm just starting to see stuff everywhere and amuse myself over things that are not really just like that but can be if you squint (with both eyes closed).

My new bad weather boots actually aren't too far off Nezumi's. And I end up freaking out others (it used to be very regularly with my ex) because I tend to leave the lights off at night when I walk around, apparently I'm silent, too, since I get yelled at for not being noticed until I talk or are right behind them.
He's got my sympathies with all the issues of emotional expression, I share a lot of them.
My ex also frequently expressed some fancy as much as wary at me holding knives. (Made me cut the bread or cheese all the time, too, so the cutting board wouldn't be needed.)

Though I'm in the medical business, helping people, that is more of a Shion thing to do. (Except for the sadistic little part when I can make them do stuff they don't like. *snickers* It's for their well being, but still, I get to nudge them a little.~) And I can get into scientific rants about stuff...

You see... it's started, I'm just trying to make connections.