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Re: ^ < v Game
« Reply #30 on: July 12, 2015, 11:03:14 am »
Not exactly, the patients I currently look after are more cute than funny. Unless you count dancing with one funny? She was a bit scared to move around after surgery and was afraid of pain, so when she got up with me, she kept gripping my shoulders and I decided that just 'marching' on the spot probably wasn't cutting it for her, hence I said we're gonna dance a bit. It turned out dancing is a hobby of hers and telling me distracted her, so her grip loosened too and I got her to move just fine. But yes, I find that rather adorable. So have an adorable one instead. ^^

^ Is hopefully feeling better today.
< is feeling awkward, because was just told to be fat. Mothers aren't supposed to say that and come on... I wear small to medium and I'm 5'7'' I may be a little chubby, but not fat.
v has done/is going to do something fun outside today!