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Re: ^ < v Game
« Reply #30 on: July 12, 2015, 01:48:42 pm »
No, today is the last day of my sick note, so I stayed at home, of course. It's raining anyway.

The story about your patient is really cute and adorable. :3

^ Is definitely not fat. O_o I mean, I've just seen your face so far, but your face doesn't look fat/chubby to me. That's why I assume the rest of you is not chubby as well... And when you wear small or medium sizes you can't be fat. <.<! I don't like parents who do that. When my way older cousin was still a teenager, my uncle always told her that she's fat and that she shouldn't eat so much. She was not fat. She was not even on the chubby side, like the rest of our family. OTL (And especially not my uncle with his fat pot belly <_<)
Well, the result was that she ended up bulimic and she's still super fixated on her weight and grandma says she's way too thin. Ahhhrgh! >,<

< will go back to work tomorrow. Yaay, another 6-day week with early shift tomorrow, early on-call duty on Tuesday (where they call me anyway because they always call me) and night shift from Thursday - Sunday.... (<_<) (Even though I don't feel super healthy yet. But my doctor has vacation now and I have a job interview on Wednesday, so I have to go. ^^ *sighs*

v has a horrible job as well~