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Re: ^ < v Game
« Reply #30 on: July 12, 2015, 02:58:40 pm »
@Ghosty: my favourite character is all of them and my favourite team is all of them, haha. No I really can't choose, I like pretty much everyone for different reasons. I guess I'd pick Karasuno by default right now just because they're on screen the most? Sorry, boring answer ;; (Maybe Nekoma in terms of not-main-team team then, if I have to pick) How about you? Oh gosh and how did that beach trip work out XD

@Kai: ugh yikes that is not nice at all ._. Like Ahiku said, those things can be damaging and also it's not even true in your case? The heck.

Ehm. Well 'looking for a job' is a horrible job, I guess? XD; (well technically I'm employed as freelance, and I'll be at the book store for two weeks this summer, which isn't horrible so idk if that even counts.)

^ Is hopefully at least enjoying a good weekend because bwahhh ._. and take care for this horror week!
< should be writing her column about her recently deceased dog but is instead trying very hard not to write a super silly crossover fic. In addition to the one she was already writing. Yeah I know.
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