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« Reply #30 on: July 13, 2015, 03:24:18 pm »
I mean, if your talking about my bedroom windows, one shows my backyard, which is entirely super overgrown plants since my family hasn't been in my backyard in years. So I guess yea I do.

@listenforthelove My fav character is probably Kenma. Though I love Hinata with all my heart as well. My favorite team is Karasuno definitely. I just really love everyone on the team. And I had a ton of fun at the beach! I can't really go in the water since if I get my hair wet it poofs out a bunch and theres a long history of personal issues there, but I prefer taking pictures anyway.

^ I know that just saying "you're not fat don't feel bad" really doesn't make the situation any better and I've never seen you in real life, but knowing you through the forums, you are an amazing person with a lot of really nice ideas for cosplays and headcanons. I hope you'll stay in the forums for a long time.

<is super excited for both the return of Gravity Falls and Steven Universe tonight I'm so r e a d y

v Is craving sweets right now