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Re: Self-confidence issues
« on: January 01, 2016, 01:45:40 pm »
Yeah, I think that is what irks a lot of cosplayers that aren't exactly skinny and it's just a very, very sad example of how our society idealises certain things. I mean if you are skinny and have spent a lot of work on the cosplay that is great, but if it is as you say and the attention's drawn away because of something else and the quality just gets ignored it is very sad.

And wow I experienced that very differently. I've been to a few cons in Germany last year. And I saw several cosplayers with walking aids and also some in wheelchairs and they generally got a lot of positive attention. People going to take pictures with them and encouraging them to keep doing good work. But of course I can't say how they perceive it themselves, I know none of them so it might very well be that they do encounter discouraging comments as well.

In fact I knew some people as well that started thinking in a very elite way of themselves. The irony of one person even that was 'hating' the elite because they didn't belong, yet at the same time they were laughing at quite a few chubby ones and other's they percieved as below their level. There's a little bit of a classic authoritarian behaviour and social hierarchy going around in the cosplay scene in general that can cause insecurities in people.
Finding the right group of friends/comrades/connections that fits your own attitude is very helpful.