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Re: Self-confidence issues
« on: January 05, 2016, 02:57:37 pm »
That would be a very interesting experiment. I'd be very curious on how people's behaviour would change.

And yeah that is true, it's simply human nature I guess. As frustrating as it is. And it'll always be tied to what society deems beautiful at that point in time.

It's good though that your braces don't make you feel less confident in everyday life.

And I've got another thing that has started to bother me more and more again. It's been uncomfortable to me as a young teenager and I kind of just gave a f** about it later, but as I've started to experiment a little more with make up and generally how I look. It's coming back to bit me.
I got sick on Silvester/New Years when I was 10 and after that there's this really peculiar thing that has no definite cause, only gusses, spot baldness (alopecia areata) my eyebrows and eyelashes just gradually fell out. And it doesn't hurt or anything, but it's just weird having no eyebrows and eyelashes. Especially since I used to have very long, verly black eyelashes before.
I'm very grateful that my eyebrows have started to 'recover' in the last two years and they're not really full, but at least there again. My eyelashes though still not really, maybe five lashes or so, which is just weird, still. I'm hoping they will recover as well, even if it'll be just short ones, whatever. But a naked eye just looks weird and it's starting to make me uncomfortable again. I'd like to use mascara with the rest and fake eyelashes also don't really stick if there's no lashline to be the base of it, so you can forget those, too.
I think this is one of the reasons I have a lot of trouble with cosplay eye make-up as well. Naked eyeliner is just not the same as it is over lashes, no matter how short or thin they are.

I know it's not life threatening, so it's a bit whiny, I guess. But I do get bothered sometimes.
(I used to actually think it's stupid how some people shave off eyebrows to paint them on. But that was jealousy rearing its ugly head. Just... you want something really bad and other people throw it away on purpose.)